Google Gemini Statistics By Versions Comparison and Machine Translation

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Google Gemini Statistics By Versions Comparison and Machine Translation


Google Gemini Statistics: Google Gemini, formerly known as Bard, is making waves in the world of AI. Launched in February 2024, it’s quickly becoming a popular tool for many. One way to measure Gemini’s strength is by looking at benchmarks. These are tests that compare AI models on different tasks. But what exactly is it, and how popular is it? This article will guide you effectively in understanding the newly launched AI model Gemini as it covers all current trends and analyses from several insights. Let’s dive into some interesting statistics about Gemini.

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  • By the end of 2024, Google Gemini is expected to have around 1 billion users.
  • These users come from 239 countries and territories worldwide.
  • In January 2024, Google Gemini had over 330.9 million monthly visitors.
  • Male users make up 60.14% of the user base, while female users account for 39.86%.
  • On February 8, 2024, Google Bard was rebranded to Google Gemini.
  • The monthly cost of Google Gemini Adnance is $19.99.
  • Google Gemini is available in 46 languages, with the most common being Chinese, German, Arabic, Spanish, English, and Hindi.
  • In 2024, Google launched the Gemini App for Android devices.
  • Google Gemini Ultra, based on massive multitask language understanding (MMLU), is the first AI model to score 90%, outperforming human experts.
  • In April 2024, all desktop traffic to accounted for a 100% share.

General Google Gemini Facts

  • On February 8, 2023, the Bard was founded by its parent company, Google.
  • The Google Gemini is a rebranding of the Google Bard. It is termed the largest and most capable version of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including features from Google Bard and Deut AI.
  • The version of the recent Gemini is 1.0 and has three different segments: Gemini Ultra (for accessing highly complex tasks), Gemini Pro (can be used for accessing a range of tasks and is known as the best model globally), and Gemini Nano (for on-device tasks this is the efficient version of Google Gemini)
  • Based on Google Gemini Statistics, Google has also claimed that by the end of 2024, Gemini will be integrated with other services such as Chrome, Duet AI, Search, Ads, and many others.
  • In 2024, the Gemini 1.5 Pro is only available for advanced subscribers of Gemini.

Features of Google Gemini

  • Google Gemini can talk and can make natural conversations like a real human and is highly skilled at solving extremely complex problems on any topic.
  • Gemini also understands every code, music, image, text, etc.
  • Google Gemini also provides utmost privacy and protects users’ data.
  • This can also be customized and managed accordingly based on the tasks and needs.
  • In contrast, other benefits of Gemini are the ability to translate language, create content, change the writing tone, write code, answer complex questions, solve maths problems, and give Ideas and tips.
  • English is known to be the primary language for overall Gemini operation.

Google Gemini Statistics by Versions Comparison

  • In 2024, the total number of parameters in Gemini 1.0 is around 1.6 trillion, followed by Gemini Nano (100 billion), Gemini Pro (up to 100 trillion), and Gemini Ultra (100 trillion).

On the other hand, other Gemini version comparisons are described below:

  • The training data sets are Gemini 1.0 (1.56 trillion words), Gemini Nano (1.56 trillion words), Gemini Pro (customized), and Gemini Ultra (100 trillion words).
  • The launch date of both Gemini 1.0 and Gemini Nano was December 2023, Gemini Pro (2023), and Gemini Ultra (2025).
  • The execution of Gemini versions is 1.0, Pro, Ultra (in the cloud), and Nano (on the device).

However, the cost of Gemini 1.0, Nano (both are free), and Gemini Pro is subscription-based.

Google Gemini Statistics by Machine Translation

  • In translating English to other languages on the WMT 23 translation benchmark, the Gemini Ultra captured the highest score.
  • The BLEURT scores of Gemini Ultra are followed by high resource (74.2), mid resource (74.7), out-of-English (74.8), and into-English (73.9).

Other model scores are described below:

WMT 23 (Avg BLEURT) Gemini Nano 1 Gemini Nano 2 Gemini Pro Gemini Ultra
High resource 64.1 67.7 71.7 74.2
Mid resource 64.8 67 71.8 74.7
Out of English 65.2 66.2 71.5 74.8
Into English 63.5 69 72 73.9
All languages 64.8 67.4 71.7 74.4


State-of-the-art score Statistics by Gemini Ultra

  • Google Gemini Statistics also elaborates that the first model to outperform human experts on massive multitask language understanding (MMLU) is Gemini Ultra, with an accuracy of 90.04%. The MMLU is a combination of 57 general subjects, including math, physics, history, law, medicine, ethics, etc.

On Gemini Ultra, based on a range of benchmarks, the other state-of-the-art performance scores are:

  • Reasoning: (Big-Bench Hard = 83.6%, DROP = 82.4%, and HellaSwag = 87.8%)
  • Maths: (GSM8K = 94.4%, and MATH = 53.2%)
  • Code: (HumanEval = 74.4%, and Natural2Code = 74.9%).
  • Image: (MMMU = 59.4%, VQAv2 = 77.8%, TextVQA = 3%,DocVQA = 90.9%, Infographic VQA = 80.3%, and MathVista = 53%)
  • Video: (VATEX = 62.7%, and Perception Test MCQA = 54.7%)
  • Audio: (CoVoST 2 = 40.1%, and FLEURS = 7.6%)

Comparison Between Gemini Ultra and Chat GPT4 by Platforms



  • According to Google Gemini Statistics 2024, the benchmark performance of Google Ultra in Tech and engineering is 47.1%.
  • Moreover, the benchmark performance of Google Ultra in other platforms is followed by human and social sciences (78.3%), health and medicine (67.3%), science (48%), business (56.7%), art and design (70%), and overall (59.4%).
  • On the other hand, benchmark performance shares of Chat GPT by companies included tech and engineering (36.7%), human and social sciences (72.5%), health and medicine (64.7%), science (54.7%), business (59.3%), art and design (65.8%), and overall (56.8%).

Google Gemini User Statistics

  • Google Gemini Statistics 2023 further claimed that the maximum number of users is 18 to 34 years old.
  • In recent years, male users have accounted for the highest share, 60.14%, followed by female users, 39.86%.
  • The United States, Europe, and Asia have the highest number of Google Gemini users worldwide.
  • Based on occupation, the users of Google Gemini by demographics hold a share of students (30%), professionals (25%), and entrepreneurs (15%).

Monthly ChatGPT and Gemini AI Mobile App Downloads



  • As stated in Google Gemini Statistics, in February 2024, the total number of monthly Gemini AI mobile application downloads in the United States of America was 633,7,80, and ChatGPT was 3,254,594.

Google Gemini Statistics by Ranking


  • In the U.S., Google Gemini’s usage ranking on April 22, 2024, was 3547, and on April 29, 2024, it was 3620.
  • However, in this month of 2024, the weekly ranking of Google Gemini was as follows: May 7 (3556), May 14 (3237), and May 21 (2291).

Google Gemini Usage Share by Tech Industry

  • Google Gemini Statistics 2024 also shows almost 60% of tech professionals in the workplace use Google Gemini.
  • In addition, 40% of tech users used Gemini for code generation and 20% for document analyses.
  • Nearly 20% of working professionals seek assistance from Gemini to create effective and impressive presentations.

By Education

  • To address academics-related queries, 50% of educators globally will use Gemini in 2024.
  • Almost 30% of educators are implementing Gemini in their services to create outlines for lesson plans.
  • To write feedback, this Google AI is currently used by almost 10% of students and educators.

By Customer Service

  • Globally, 40% of customer service representatives (CSRs) used this Google AI assistance to manage customer queries and requests.
  • Gemini used to answer direct and simple queries such as ‘how-tos, what, where, and why’ by 20% of CSR.
  • Gemini also helps resolve basic issues and provides basic, professional support, as accepted by 15% of CSRs.

Brains and Brawn: How Powerful is Gemini?

  • Top of the Class: On many benchmarks, including tasks related to text, code, and even images, Gemini outperforms previous AI models. This means it can handle a wider range of challenges, from writing different kinds of creative content to understanding information in pictures.
  • Thinking Like a Human (Almost): A benchmark called MMLU tests how well an AI understands the world and solves problems. Incredibly, Gemini scored 90% on this test, making it the first AI ever to outperform human experts!

Who’s Using Gemini and Why?

With its impressive capabilities, it’s no surprise that Gemini is attracting a lot of interest. Here’s a glimpse into its user base:

  • Millennial Magic: The biggest group of Gemini users falls between the ages of 25 and 34. This generation, often called millennials, seems to be embracing AI for various purposes.
  • A Guy Thing (for Now): Right now, more men use Gemini than women. This might change over time, but for now, it seems men are slightly more curious about exploring AI’s potential.
  • Globally Connected: Gemini isn’t limited to one place. Although the United States and India lead the pack in terms of users, people from all over the world interact with this AI tool.

Numbers Don’t Lie: How Big is Gemini?

While it’s still relatively new, Gemini is showing signs of significant growth. Here are some interesting stats:

  • Millions Strong: In January 2024, over 330 million people visited Gemini in a single month! That’s a lot of users in a short amount of time.
  • Digging Deeper: People aren’t just glancing at Gemini. The average user explores almost 5 pages during each visit, suggesting they’re actively engaging with the tool.
  • Not Quite Perfect: Just like any new technology, Gemini has room for improvement. Around 30% of visitors leave the platform right away, which is known as the bounce rate. This could indicate that some users aren’t finding what they need yet.

The Future of Gemini: Where’s it Headed?

Predicting the future is tricky, but here are some educated guesses about where Gemini might be going:

  • Smarter Every Day: As with most AI models, Gemini is constantly learning and improving. We can expect it to become even more powerful and versatile in the future.
  • Beyond Text and Code: While Gemini is currently text-focused, it’s already showing promise in understanding images and other data types. This could lead to even more diverse applications in the future.
  • Transforming Businesses: Generative AI, like Gemini, has the potential to revolutionize business operations. AI could significantly boost productivity and efficiency from data analysis to creative content generation.

Website Traffic of Google Gemini by Country


  • As of April 2024, the United States of America had 19.66% of the total traffic on, but it recorded a decrease of 1.59% in total website visitors.
  • Google Gemini further states that other countries that recorded total traffic and visitors share contribution are India = 9.18% (-3.84%), Brazil = 4.38% (-3.6%), the United Kingdom = 3.36% (-3.56%), and Colombia = 3.32% (+8.84%)
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the countries collectively made a total website traffic share of 60.1%.

By Demographics



  • According to Google Gemini Statistics, the highest number of users observed in is between 25 and 34 years old, accounting for 33.38% share.
  • Around 25.5% of Gemini website users are between 18 and 24 years old.
  • 04% and 11.95% belong to 35 to 44 years and 45 to 54 years, respectively.
  • 34% of Gemini users are between 55 and 64 years old.
  • Besides, only 3.79% of website users are from the age group above 65 years.
  • The gender share of is 58.34% male and 41.66% female.

By Traffic Sources



  • The highest traffic rate towards is by direct search, resulting in 84.05%.
  • Moreover, 11.56% of the Gemini website’s share was generated by organic search, followed by 1.83% from paid search.
  • Furthermore, other traffic sources towards are referral (1.39%), social (1.08%), mail (0.07%), and display (0.02%).

By Social Media Traffic



  • Google Gemini Statistics also show that YouTube has the highest social media referral rate on, resulting in 56.86%.
  • Conversely, WhatsApp and Facebook contribute a traffic share of 11.51% and 9.82%, respectively.
  • Whereas, traffic share sent by Twitter was 4.64% and Linkedin with 4.32% share.
  • Other social media networks on the Google Gemini website make a nominal contribution of 13.22%.

By Device



  • As mentioned in Google Gemini Statistics, desktop traffic on accounted for a 100% share in April 2024.
  • India has the highest traffic, at 19.1%, resulting in 141.7 million, in which desktop and mobile visitors hold a share of 10.39% and 89.61%, respectively.
  • Other countries with device traffic are Indonesia, which made up 11.43% (8.48 million); the United States, with a share of 10.14% (7.52 million); Germany, which held a share of 4.52%, resulting in 3.35 million; and Japan, which is 3.5% (2.59 million).
  • Country-wise, desktop and mobile visitor shares of are followed by Indonesia (24.56% and 75.44%), the United States (37.1% and 62.9%), Germany (80.51% and 19.49%), and Japan (94.06% and 5.94%), respectively.


Google Gemini is a powerful AI tool that is still in its early stages. With its impressive capabilities and growing user base, AI is playing an increasingly important role in our world. As Gemini continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how it shapes the future of communication, creativity, and problem-solving.


What are the restrictions of Google Gemini?

Every Gemini user must be over 18 years old and attempt to bypass protective measures like blocking harmful content that violates Google’s rules. Users should never use other phone numbers, names, emails, or birth dates.

What are the disadvantages of Gemini AI?

In real-world knowledge, sometimes the Gemini cloud lacks grounding, and output results are factually incorrect, irrelevant, inappropriate, or nonsensical.

Who launched Gemini AI?

Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model was released by Google. This is a refined AI model with more context understanding and enhanced capabilities, and the CEO of the company is Sundar Pichai.

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