OS X Mavericks Brings More Grief for Apple

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Apple’s OS X Mavericks version of its operating system for Mac computers is being adopted at a record pace. But there are also reports of a variety of issues, including problems with installation, the Mail app, and multiple monitors.

In just the first 24 hours of its availability, Mavericks version 10.9 accounted for 5.5 percent of all Mac-based Web traffic in the U.S. and Canada, according to ad network Chitika. The OS was released on Tuesday, and that traffic volume, if accurate, is more than three times the 1.6 percent of traffic recorded for Mountain Lion during its first 24 hours.

A key reason for the high adoption, of course, could well be this version’s price: free. Although the Mountain Lion update was only $19.99, any price tag is more of a hurdle than none.

Incomplete Downloads

Throughout the Web, there are reports of various installation problems, including incomplete downloads, hard disk errors, and installations that get hung up.

When downloading the OS, one circulating suggestion is to try again if there’s a problem, because of the high level of traffic. For hard disk errors, hold down Command-R immediately after the chime when the Mac is starting up. This will reboot the OS X recovery partition, after which Disk Utility can be run to undertake a disk repair routine on the main boot drive. Any errors can then be fixed, followed by a normal restart and resumption of the installation.

For installations that get hung up, wait about an hour to see if the installation resumes. If not, quit the installer or force-quit it, then reboot and try again.

There have also been reports of problems involving the Mavericks Mail app and Google’s Gmail. One such issue is that the Mail app cannot delete or does not show messages in the Inbox. Some users have also said that they are not able to send e-mail, or can’t rearrange Gmail mailboxes in the Mail app’s sidebar.

Multiple Monitors

Users who have second monitors have reported difficulties with mouse movement on second monitors that utilize a DisplayLink driver, following the Mavericks installation. Other issues include severe flickering on DisplayLink screens for some applications or difficulties in display arrangements when using two or more displays.

This steady drip of problems is not, of course, uncommon for new releases, although Apple may be having second thoughts about naming version 10.9 after a surfing site in California and using a default image of a crashing wave.

Mavericks can run on any Mac computer that can run Version 10.8 Mountain Lion, although the machine needs to have at least OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. The new OS features an updated Maps and iBooks app, a new power management that Apple says can reduce CPU usage by as much as 72 percent, enhanced security for apps and browser plug-ins, and a new Tags feature for organizing files in a way that is consistent across Macs and iOS devices.

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Andrea Paterson:
Posted: 2015-02-11 @ 10:29am PT
Great System Maverick, NOT> My daughter’s iMac, only 1.5 yrs old is now not working. Keep getting a screen that says there is a disk error. We did everything to repair, or at least get to a screen where we could backup her photos and important data, to no avail. Would not repair, would not allow any form of backup, could not get to a screen where we could even save any of her files or photos. She is a digital photographer. All her photos, and her portfolio for college because of this damn system. 4 years of her work gone. Poof. Her Dad did everything he could, IT degree and years experience, to no avail. All Apple says is you have to restore to factory settings, slick and start over. Well great! Thanks for nothing. Not user friendly, bug after frigging bug. Regretting converting everything to Apple. With each new upgrade to os systems, more bugs, more glitches, more lost data, more lost work, more lost photos. Sick of this.

G. Spangler, Prof. Emerit:
Posted: 2015-02-03 @ 10:44am PT
Apple should fire the marketing genius who recommended dropping “SAVE AS” from Mavericks finder menus. ALWAYS allow user control; we’re not always seeking dumbed down “solutions”. I don’t want a computer designed like a smartphone! And, I’d like to go back to Snow Leopard until Mavericks (or, Yosemite Sam) begins to act like a real OS.

Ankur Rasiwasia:
Posted: 2015-01-28 @ 9:09am PT
The new update is really sick… my yahoo email does not work in the new update… I can see my inbox but cannot compose any emails or check my emails in the box… sick sick and sick… anything I click opens full of ads… irritating stuff.

Posted: 2015-01-25 @ 12:01pm PT
I have a Mac Mini late 2012 2.5 GHz Core i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Mavericks has been hellish, slow as molasses, awful OS. I Beta tested Yosemite and it was the same thing.

Anyone know how to downgrade this OS to Mountain Lion? Or point me to a good tutorial. Apple customer service told me it can be done but of course the techie was not willing to tell me how. I have searched for a tutorial to no avail. I am so willing to go back! Snow Leopard is the most wonderful OS I ever used. I miss you so much Steve Jobs.

I have done several flavors of Ubuntu in other machines. My problem with them is they crash too much.

I cannot believe I am considering going back to Windows.

Posted: 2014-12-12 @ 8:31pm PT
Mavericks has multiple issues. A major fault is that it disallows selection of user-created files, and therefore, will not save docs to proper files. Apple, I do not have time to fix the glitches. You created Mavericks. Please fix all of its malfunctions — and fast. Thank you.

Tom Rose:
Posted: 2014-12-11 @ 6:02am PT
I never “downgraded” from Snow Leopard. It is fast and reliable (apart form the bug-ridden Time Machine and bloated iTunes), Spaces is a fantastic productivity tool, and all my old Power PC applications run just fine, alongside the new Intel apps.

I plan to stay with Snow Leopard forever, or until it is no longer viable. Then I’ll switch to Linux.

I started using Macs in 2000 and have had 14 happy years, but now that they have lost the plot and seem to want to make the desktop and laptop machines into giant iPhones I am not interested in following them.

I doubt that Apple will care, after all they are now making much more money selling their electronic toys to children (and others that never grew up).

Posted: 2014-12-10 @ 6:16am PT
Ugh, have to agree. Got an iMac 27″ with 10.6.8 and a Core2 Duo MacBook Pro 13 with 10.6.8 and they rocket along nicely, fast responsive and no issues or glitches.

Bought myself a MacBook Pro Core i5 with Mavericks and what a clunker.

It seems that Apple is going backwards like Microsoft used to and I am so disgruntled with Mavericks, I renamed the [new] Core i5 MacBook to “Pinwheel” because it’s all I ever seem to see on the screen… what a terrible OS.

I have seen recommendations to upgrade to 8GB RAM, but “if RAM is the issue” why does Apple not ship them with 8GB?

Also, the Intel Graphics on the Mavericks supplied MacBook Core i5 is nowhere near as good at the dedicated Nvidia that the Core2 Duo MacBook has.
It seems that Apple’s penny saving hardware is going the same way as their OSes.

I’d be happy to use Snow Leopard for all eternity but Apple pulled the plug on support and updates.

I am avoiding Yosemite at all cost because reading the Forums and Support pages, Apple has slid down the scale again with this Bloat Ware release.

As a viable workaround I have used BootCamp to load Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit on the Core i5 MacBook Pro and now for the first time in years I am a daily Windows user. Thank God Apple still bundles BootCamp.

Well done Apple, you are losing customers because just like Microsoft used to, you add features that weigh the OS down and frustrate Mac users to no end.

I’ve changed my tablets to Samsung Galaxy Tab and also use an S5 because of IOS blues

My next portable will be an HP with Windows because right now, Windows is a better option than anything Apple is churning out.

Posted: 2014-11-30 @ 5:36am PT
My MacBook Pro 2011 is absolutely stuffed because of Mavericks. It’s so slow it takes 10 minutes to start up then 5 minutes to open Finder!!!
Tried all fixes, clean install, repair disk permissions.
On top of this, my battery with only 90 charges is now dead and BULGING!!! So the trackpad is also ruined with the battery pushing it up.
Took it in to Apple twice and was pretty much told to get stuffed when I demanded a free repair and battery replacement.
Now I’ve done a clean install of Mavericks, it’s a little bit faster but of course the battery is long gone and I’m guessing something else burnt out along with it because it literally takes 2 hours to open Photoshop and others.


Posted: 2014-11-27 @ 7:14am PT
Nightmares with OS X, version 10.9.5. Word stopped working. Preview stopped working. iPhoto stopped working. Parallels stopped working. I have been forced to upgrade Microsoft Office and Parallels. I am waiting on a shipment of an upgrade of an old version of iPhoto so I can start the process of further upgrades of iPhoto. I started an upgrade to Yosemite but stopped the upgrade when I started reading of more extreme nightmares with Yosemite ruining performance on Macs. I have been using Macs since May 31, 1975. This is an unprecedented nightmare with no solution in sight. Talk about a mess!

Ralph C.:
Posted: 2014-11-14 @ 7:31pm PT
I installed Maverick in Sept. 2014 on my Macbook Pro and I too have had nothing but poor performance. Slower than molasses in January. Crashes all of the time. Right now I’m considering going back to Snow Leopard since I still have the disks because what i have now doesn’t work. Like driving a car with 250,000 miles on it, a real beater!!

Posted: 2014-11-13 @ 3:07am PT
I installed 10.9.5 and my Macbook Pro has been crashing ever since. Once it crashes I then have a hard time booting up again. 10.9.5 has ruined my Macbook Pro! Apple should pay for this screw up!

Carol Y:
Posted: 2014-11-11 @ 6:12am PT
Upgraded to OS X 10.9.5 and lost iphoto and other problems. Tech support said the engineers are working on it when I called long time ago. They didn’t mention they were eliminating iphoto and ap. I will NO LONGER USE A MAC. This is laziness and arrogance at its best. It reminds me of Obama Care – you have to open it to see what’s in it. Does anyone know how to go back. I can’t even download anything from the app store other than version updates.

Pete West:
Posted: 2014-11-09 @ 9:42pm PT
I’ve been on Macs for over 20 years, and Mavericks was in my opinion the worst system ever. I took the whole lot off and started from scratch with 10.8.6

Joe H:
Posted: 2014-11-09 @ 12:43pm PT
I was perfectly happy with leopard or whatever it was. Now Mavericks boot up and shut down is well over a minute. Don’t upgrade unless you absolutely have to. I guess this is their way of forcing you to buy more hardware to compensate for their bloated os.

Mike Alderton-Smith:
Posted: 2014-11-04 @ 2:00pm PT
Yosemite is a virus. It has killed my audio machine. I use it to record voiceovers etc., and it stops suddenly in the middle of a track — same as iTunes does when I try to play one. I can’t work anymore. I’m going to have to reinstall my work machine. Apple is going to cost me a whole load of money and some of my clients. This is inexcusable.

Posted: 2014-10-26 @ 11:49am PT
I upgraded two productive MacBook Pros (mid-2009 and late-2010) and a Mac Pro (early 2009) to Mavericks. Immediately all of them starting having frequent random shutdowns. I have been able to stabilize only the 2009 MBP by resetting the SMC, zapping PRAM and killing the energy preferences plist.

Apple support says it has to be a hardware problem – they say I need new hardware. Oh, please!!!

Three machines having all the same symptom, after the same upgrade? I can’t work with these machines, and I’ll be damned if their buggy Mavericks upgrade is going to force me to buy more of their expensive hardware.

And, yes, I too dearly miss the Save As function. What the hell is this Export and Export As crap??? I never know which version saved my changes.

For years I hated being forced by employers to use Windows, and the way Microsoft abused their customers, broke workflows and introduced ten pounds of unnecessary crap with every new release.

That’s why when I became my own boss four years ago I switched to Macs for all my work (engineering, scientific research, and music production).

With the release of Mavericks and iOS 8, I now have no place to turn for products that just work. It’s as if Steve Ballmer replaced Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple. The end of greatness.

Posted: 2014-10-21 @ 12:34pm PT
I am a scientist/engineer and organize my work in directories. The most recent dumbing down is trying to remove the option “save as” … a functions I use constantly as I save papers etc while doing research and changing versions of a document.

Between this and incompatibilities with govt document signing software, I am switching back to a PC having switched to mac in 2008.

serious user:
Posted: 2014-10-17 @ 11:38am PT
I run Mavericks on 3 machines, a MacBook Pro, and two minis. No problems with Mavericks, never had any. I just love it, faster, better, stabler than previous OS versions. I also enjoy reading all the comments on this web site. Just hate everything. This is very funny. Keep it up.

Sick of Apple:
Posted: 2014-10-16 @ 1:07pm PT
Today’s Mac Mini release is a real watershed moment. Final Cut Pro, the horrible Mac Pro were other moments, but who wants to switch an OS they’ve been used to forever. Apple’s stupidity follows similar moves by Adobe and Nikon. Fortunately, they have viable competitors. Time to start looking elsewhere. I care about what the software does, not the stupid computer. It’s supposed to run things and get out of the way.

Posted: 2014-10-14 @ 6:02pm PT
My mom just bought a used late 2011 MacBook Pro and immediately upgraded it to Mavericks so I could partition the hard drive for Windows 7. Now I have a hell of a time getting my MacBook to start up again after I close it, shut it down, or let it sleep. It took 30 minutes, 8 power ups/downs, and lots of frustrated mouse clicking and space bar jabbing before it finally did. From what I’m reading, it’s a Mavericks software issue. I never upgrade anything Apple right away (especially after what happened with my iPhone when iOS7 first came out). Hey Apple, how about you make sure software works before you release it? Just a thought…

Markie C:
Posted: 2014-10-11 @ 10:59am PT
Wow! Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences. Having thought that Apple had sorted out the issues with Maverick, I will NOT be updgrading my Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard) anytime soon.

Steve J.:
Posted: 2014-10-10 @ 5:32am PT
Mavericks is a turd. No, I’m not kidding. I do development and will switch to Microsoft because I cannot work with this anymore. It’s tooooo damn slow and buggy to be productive.

Linda Galvan:
Posted: 2014-10-08 @ 6:05pm PT
Apple is a disaster! Latest ios8 update is a mess. They tried doing a reset and lost photo albums and some purchased apps. What a mess. I will likely never by another Apple product!

Windows Is Looking Pretty:
Posted: 2014-10-07 @ 2:33pm PT
I downloaded Mavericks and thought it couldn’t get any worse, but yes, it can. A while later I signed into iCloud. Now I have a very expensive fiasco, wrapped in a debacle, inside of calamity, sitting on my desk. What a mess.

I own two MacTops and both were humming along perfectly fine until I made that disastrous leap of faith with Mavericks and then compounded with iCloud.

I am so disappointed with Apple. They have created a monster and given us no way to undo the damage. Might as well run Windows!

I\’m mad as hell and . . :
Posted: 2014-10-04 @ 10:37pm PT
Just wasted an afternoon trying to get Mavericks to work. After losing my internet connection three times, I switched back to my Snow Leopard partition. Now I can once again get online, use CS2, and I have scroll arrows again! Mavericks was an exercise in ego by Tim Cook and he lost. Now everyone knows that appointing him was one last joke by Steve Jobs, just to remind us that, despite being a jerk, he made great Apples. Unfortunately I think that Mavericks is just the tip of the Yosemite iceberg.

Posted: 2014-10-04 @ 4:32pm PT
Quite simply, Apple has become a mobile-minded company. Actual power users, developers, and designers are now screwed with a system that costs too much in every way.

If the basics don’t work… you don’t have a computer. Major disappointment with Mavericks. Multiple crashes in a variety of dev settings. Stuff simply doesn’t work as it used to. Apple has become the antithesis of open source in sheeps clothing. If it wasn’t for Unix under the hood, you’d be saddled with eye candy that no one needs or wants… at least me. Wake up Apple!

sam a.:
Posted: 2014-10-03 @ 8:14pm PT
I got Mavericks and it deleted everything on my computer: all my term papers, all my photographs and videos, and all my music. I loathe Mavericks.

Posted: 2014-09-30 @ 5:01pm PT
Basic things like how a window is organized (the width of the columns, how it is ordered) are not saved. Sometimes you can’t even grab column dividers to make adjustments. This leads to dozens of wasted movements per day… and inefficiency. Which I despise.

David Joyner:
Posted: 2014-09-29 @ 7:21am PT
I despise Mavericks! I have been a very happy user of Snow Leopard for years. Mavericks added nothing I need or wanted and added a bunch of mistakes, flaws, and stupid, fluffy, useless so-called-features I hate. I hate tags – don’t need them, don’t want them. I have no trouble organizing things like I always did before tags came along. I hate stupid tags — window opening up when all I do is grab the top of a window and move it to where I want it. Ugh!!! I hate how Apple fouled up Preview. You can’t do a save-as anymore or print a discontiguous range of pages anymore. What kind of idiot thought we would be better off without those features? I can’t run any of my loved and needed Rosetta applications. I don’t care about iCloud – never intend to use it. I hate Mavericks and will probably switch to using Linux. Apple has sold its last computer (of seven Apple computers I have bought in the last decade) to me!

Posted: 2014-09-25 @ 11:18am PT
Upgraded to Mavericks and definitely my MacBookPro is now slower and my iMac 2007 has crashed twice since the upgrade and won’t start up anymore. What I don’t understand is why Apple is not addressing these issues and giving us a solution, where are they when needed, it’s incredible that only through public forums and Google one can seek feedback and fixes. Thumbs down to Apple’s customer service.

Apple – no longer the kin:
Posted: 2014-09-22 @ 9:39pm PT
Count me as another Mavericks hater. My mid-2009 Macbook Pro was working fine on Snow Leopard, but I decided to upgrade because of the lack of updates for SL. Well that was a huge mistake because my battery has now degraded by 10%. The battery life is horrible on my laptop now. I can’t even get it to charge to 100% anymore. I’m about to downgrade back to SL and I hope it works.

Alma Miranda:
Posted: 2014-09-22 @ 9:51am PT
Mavericks has only brought me grief! Safari is a mess and the Preferences simply do not work. It closes whenever it feels like it. I had to buy Photoshop again. The older version did not work. Mail does not reflect the amount of emails downloaded. But, the worst part is that I cannot downgrade the OS to a previous version. My Macbook was getting old and I bought a new Mac Mini. If I had known about this, I would have bought a PC. And I hate Windows! It seems like amateurs built this OS X. Shame on Apple!

Posted: 2014-09-21 @ 10:54am PT
My MAC 10.9 does not recognize my QuarkXpress files that don’t have the .qxp on them. I used to put it through MacLink Plus, but understand that MacLink Plus won’t work on Maverick. Any suggestions?

Atalanti 5:
Posted: 2014-09-20 @ 12:10pm PT
I think that Mavericks has not been tested properly. So far, I have lost my mail, Safari, and now the iCloud file. Every thing was OK until the last update, now it looks as if it’s a system rebuild. Wish I had never gone to Mavericks.

Posted: 2014-09-18 @ 3:00pm PT
Mavericks makes Chrome load slowly after sleep mode… it’s driving me insane!

Posted: 2014-09-14 @ 8:56am PT
After spending four months and 500.00 dollars in having mavericks reinstalled and four failed external hard drives I had mountain reinstalled. But apple even had to stick their fingers in that. So now I went and bought a pc with windows 8.1 and I love it for photo editing. My conclusion is apple is not only wormy they have their heads in the cloud.

Posted: 2014-09-13 @ 4:32am PT
Have a 2012 desktop iMac. Do not get any email service. Sorry I bought it.

Posted: 2014-08-31 @ 7:37pm PT
Moral of the story – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Has anyone ever looked at just how crucial that last OS update was for their computer experience? Current issues have forced a rethink of my early adopter policy.

Posted: 2014-08-31 @ 7:27pm PT
Trash Safari and use FireFox until Apple sort out their issues.

Posted: 2014-08-26 @ 4:45am PT
I just purchased a New Mac Book Pro 13″ with Retina display running Maverick (version 10.9.4). I’ve never owned a Mac before and at first I was very impressed but after only a few days operation, and with nothing more than Office 2011 for Mac installed, the machine has suddenly developed a Start-up and shut-down problem.
New out of the box and even after Office for Mac 2011 was installed I was amazed at how fast the machine would boot and shut-down. Then suddenly yesterday when I turned the machine on it just sat there for almost a minute before I got a sign on screen and to make matters worse, my old Dell running Windows 7 now shuts down faster than my new Mac. Huh?
Admittedly I know nothing about Macs but by the way Mac users rave about how simple they are to use I am left to wonder “what is there to know”? I certainly didn’t do anything to cause the Mac to boot slow and shut down even slower. Based on my very limited experience with Mac (running Maverick) I don’t see what all the hoopla about Mac’s is. True it is a very nice looking machine and the GUI is very pleasant, but to coin a phrase BFD. What good is pretty if the machine suffers from the same maladies that Windows PC’s do… and at 3 times the price?
I’ll be bringing my new Mac Book back to the Apple Store that I bought it from and hopefully they will be able to figure out why my new Mac Book Pro boots like an old PC in desperate need of more memory.

Posted: 2014-08-22 @ 2:43pm PT
I am so angry I could SPIT. Apple has lost it. I have wasted so much time trying to accomplished what used to take me so little time. This upgrade SUCKS and what they did to iWorks sucks even more. They should give us an e-manual to tell us what they omitted instead of us pulling our hair out trying to do some basic functions we have been doing, only to find out after scouring the internet, that, “oh, they didn’t put that in, but you have this fancy snazzy, blah blah blah, that does nothing for what I am wanting to do. And if I see this fricken colored wheel one more time I am going to shoot this machine. I never had any problems switching programs having multiple documents on my screen, now I have to wait for this machine to decide where it wants to go. A PC never looked so beautiful.

Posted: 2014-08-20 @ 4:19pm PT
I HATE this OS and I HATE Apple and I HATE Macs. All this upgrade has done is create problems for me. I get PAID for the documents I produce and I cannot even SAVE A DOCUMENT because I am told I have no HD space left when I know I absolutely do. I think the person who went back to Mountain Lion is a very smart person. I plan to buy a PC and throw my MAC into the nearest RIVER!!

Posted: 2014-08-16 @ 4:14am PT
I went back to Mountain Lion and I’m very happy I did. It’s so nice and starts up fast and looks great. I don’t know what is happening with Apple these days. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ sums up Mavericks — not only a stupid name but really bad software. So many shut downs with this OS X that it will be the last upgrade from Apple for me. OS X Yosemite looks horrible.

Posted: 2014-08-14 @ 9:03am PT
People, people, be patient! Wait until Apple comes out with a finally minimally functional revision 10.9.10 or 0.9.11 just before they release their new buggy version 10.10.0×20

Scott McGrath:
Posted: 2014-08-14 @ 8:06am PT
Apple would be doing a real service to its users if it released a downgrade DVD that would let us go back to Snow Leopard. I’d even be willing to pay for it. The absolutely random shutdowns I’ve been getting since the upgrade are beyond annoying and Google searches for solutions just lead me to hundreds of others who are as frustrated as I am.

Posted: 2014-08-13 @ 5:06pm PT
Why? WHY? The animation DVD Player now displays when switching from and to full screen mode. It is so superfluous and takes up so much time AND the image freezes while it’s going on, that half the movie is over. And I keep finding new useless “Improvements” like these everyday I continue working with this abomination of an Apple OS. WHY?

D morgan:
Posted: 2014-08-13 @ 5:04pm PT
Client just bought a 2014 Macbook Pro, came with 10.9, which can’t be downgraded to 10.8. For some unknown reason the changes Apple has made in 10.9 have rendered lots of the software that was migrated from the old 10.8 system un-launchable. Now, £1500 of software upgrades are needed on the new machine. Apple, what microcode changes or core changes did you implement to the OS to prevent apps from launching that worked fine in 10.8 ?!?!?!!?!

d morgan:
Posted: 2014-08-09 @ 11:59am PT
Apple seems to be adept at failing, the operating system continues to get dumber and worse, and not provide any proper controls to revert to the way features in previous versions worked. Full screen was terrible for two versions, when all it would have required was a preferential choice. Apple is degrading stuff all the time.

Posted: 2014-08-04 @ 4:12pm PT
This OS is terrible. My computer is constantly shutting off now. It worked fine before I downloaded Mavericks.

Posted: 2014-08-04 @ 8:25am PT
I have a late 2010 macbook pro that was on snow leopard, I upgraded to mavericks and it works seamlessly. By the sound of it I must be one of the lucky ones. It took a very long time to download, and even longer to install (about one and a half hours) but it works fine on every level without any issue, even the mail app runs perfectly. I have to say I’m very pleased with it, as it appears to be faster and more efficient than my previous OS.

Such a shame to see so many people have experienced otherwise, especially as the upgrade is free. I have always recommended macs to others, as microsoft in my experience are rubbish….I really hope apple is not going the same way.

Posted: 2014-08-04 @ 4:14am PT
10.9.4 has given me nothing but grief. The upgrade was supposed to fix a bug wherein the wifi disconnects when the computer sleeps… I’ve never experienced this before upgrading… Now – it happens all the time! And the whole comp runs slower. Safari is temperamental and crashes often, Flash isn’t recognized for some reason, and I can’t play graphics-heavy games like Sims 3, though I have ample space and requirements! Hate, hate, hate. Beware this useless upgrade.

Posted: 2014-08-03 @ 11:40am PT
The case of not everything that isn’t broken needs a fix. Absolutely hate mavericks, don’t know what Apple is thinking, same goes for IOS7. And they wonder why Microsoft and blackberry are making a return. Just bought an HP laptop vs. Macbook pro because of issues I have had with both. And I was an apostle of Apple/Mac before all this!

Posted: 2014-08-02 @ 7:57pm PT
Mavericks is beyond sucks. I’ve got a MacBook Pro w/ Retina bought last year, running Mountain Lion. Decided to upgrade to Mavericks. The installation kept crashing again and again. Had to restore from my Time Machine backup in order to get things working again. I’m sticking with ML for now until Apple comes out with a proper version of Mavericks which fixes all the problems people have been complaining about. I might even bypass Mavericks altogether and wait for the next version. Did I say that Mavericks sucks?

Posted: 2014-08-02 @ 4:48pm PT
The weirdest thing happens on my MacBook Pro after my update. When I run Chrome, and ONLY Chrome, the laptop gets hot, hot HOT – and immediately gets hot. If I run Safari or Firefox, it doesn’t get hot. It’s as if all cooling ceases. NO help from Apple on this one…getting tired of the problems!

Posted: 2014-07-30 @ 12:57am PT
I bought the New Mac Pro with this system already installed. I am a bit disappointed in it though. Went from a PC that I never had a problem with, but decided to treat myself to a Mac Book Pro. It took multiple (and I mean multiple) installing and deleting and installing again to get mail to work. I’m still not convinced its right as occasionally someone asked me about an email that I never received. It’s 5 months now and I still cannot connect to our home printer. I have followed so many different pieces of advice from Apple support, but it will always pause in que and go no further. Pain in the butt! Downloaded the updates of new printer, checked that it is compatible, downloaded correct drivers, still won’t go anywhere. Wishing I had just kept my great little PC Laptop now 🙁 I’m really surprised about some of the glitches. The way everyone bleats about Apple, I really did think I was missing out on something, but as it is, I think it’s over priced for what I have encountered. Why they need to keep changing the system is beyond me.

Posted: 2014-07-29 @ 7:39am PT
10.6.8 runs fast but crashes. 10.9.4 runs s-l-o-w and crashes more often. Soon to return to a PC.

Posted: 2014-07-28 @ 7:23pm PT
Mavericks is typical of a corporation that is rotten to the Apple core …money and colour choice and bells and whistles for the teen contingent has trumped the working stiffs ability to use the Mac as the ONE TIME be all and end all for graphic design…the Genius Bar…is more Bar than genius…typical conversation: “did you turn it on?…. and it still isn’t working then REINSTAL THE OPERATING SYSTEM or MAYBE BUY A NEW HARD DRIVE…OR MOTHER BOARD>>>OR MOUSE…COULD BE YOUR HEADPHONES MAYBE…

Posted: 2014-07-28 @ 3:48am PT
I can not keep my 30″ monitor on and i am a professional photographer. WTF? how do i remove maverick?

Posted: 2014-07-27 @ 6:49am PT
I was advised by Apple techs to install Maverick 10.9.4 because they were discontinuing support for my older system. I did so and immediately regretted it. The system does not allow easy e-mail forwarding–I now have to nit and pick instead of just clicking, cannot forward pages from the web and no longer have to ability to save documents in word. I have worked to with Apple techs for at least 14 hours trying to resolve the issues but the issues keep compounding themselves and then I discover new issues. I do not recommend this “Maverick?” system to anyone.

Brandon H:
Posted: 2014-07-24 @ 9:01pm PT
I just installed Mavericks and when i rebooted i get a question mark. I have used command r or control r i forget which one at the moment. My Hard Drive does not show up. Not in utilty drive or trying to install osx lion or anything. I know it is this update does anyone know how to fix this? please help

Posted: 2014-07-15 @ 10:38am PT
Mavericks, the crashing wave says it all!!

Posted: 2014-07-15 @ 3:50am PT
I hate Maverick. It buggered my E-mail to such an extent, I am using my laptop for e-mail.

Posted: 2014-07-10 @ 4:39pm PT
it’s given my computers that “pre 2000” retro feel, with super slow computing and that feeling that nothing’s quite working right!

Apple, bringing back the 90’s!

Bob Conti:
Posted: 2014-07-10 @ 3:25pm PT
I hate this upgrade to Mavericks. I cannot connect to time machine via my 3T WD external hard drive, my audio interface does not work (distortion) and AKAI’s drivers will not accommodate 10.9.2… Very frustrated and disgusted with this so called “upgrade”.

Posted: 2014-07-09 @ 2:43am PT
I’ve been a happy user of OS X for years. Mavericks is just unpleasant and painful. Riddled with bugs in features that have worked well for years. After three updates they still don’t have these things fixed. Apple really dropped the ball on this one.

Posted: 2014-07-03 @ 11:27pm PT
its rubbish since downloading it the battery life lasts about an hour if that

melvin sanders:
Posted: 2014-06-29 @ 9:35pm PT
Do not know what to think. I have Mavericks on 4 MacBook Pro laptops and no problem with any of them so far, two 15.4 and two 13.3 MacBook Pro, but time will tell huh. Thank you for the info I have seen on this site.

Posted: 2014-06-23 @ 3:54am PT
I went back to OSX Lion.

Mavericks sucks!

Posted: 2014-06-20 @ 1:06pm PT
The Maverick is ****, there’s nothing good that could come from that upgrade, it has cost me so much time and money that I’m furious about Apple releasing Maverick and pushing it down our throats!!!!

john smart:
Posted: 2014-06-19 @ 8:34pm PT
It is a terrible update. Is this why it is free? They should warn people before advertising it.

Can I possibly get back to the old software. No notes appear in mail, no wifi automatic connection and worse it slows the computer for about 400 percent. I so regret updating it, is there any way back?

Posted: 2014-06-19 @ 11:08am PT
Bring back Jobs from the dead. Please. I bought Apple for reliability that died with Jobs.

Posted: 2014-06-19 @ 12:57am PT
This has created some major problems for me as my external screen in my Mac book retina has stopped working for over a month now, after the update. And still no help or news, Apple really don’t give a about its customers

Posted: 2014-06-18 @ 8:36pm PT
Mavericks has made my Mac as useless as Vista made my PC.

richard jarrell sr:
Posted: 2014-06-16 @ 6:53pm PT
I did not expect this kind of **** with apple, everything I heard was expensive but worth it. Now the internet is full of failures and apple is doing nothing. Might as well stayed with micrsoft pcs. I have 3 apples, all rotten.

Posted: 2014-06-16 @ 10:48am PT
Maverick ROCKS! I have had no problem. I did do a clean install on both my macbook pro and my mac mini. I am also running it on a lab worth of 21 in iMac (2 year old) and new 27 in iMacs Have not had a problem there. A lot of time I find upgradinging

Posted: 2014-06-15 @ 3:10pm PT
We Downloaded Maverick to get an App that required Maverick. I hate it, my Trackpad doesn’t work well with it and it is so touchy the screen changes to some other screen just because the cursor is over it. For instance I am scrolling through my email and an email will open up without me clicking on it. Very frustrating, going to get it off the computer.

angry macbook pro user:
Posted: 2014-06-11 @ 9:43am PT
Steve Jobs better be on fire somewhere

Posted: 2014-06-11 @ 12:51am PT
I have a raft of apps that work on snow leopard but don’t on mavericks. Plus, things like remote desktop to windows machines and VPN’s are buggy as anything on mavericks. Hence, I run my old mac mini on snow L and the new one on mavericks. Chances of me upgrading the snow L machine – somewhere between slim and zero; and I have it on good authority slim just left town.

Posted: 2014-06-10 @ 12:01am PT
I just reinstalled SL back onto the Xserve. Mavericks caused many issues and slow downs to our network. It is nice to have the speed back!

Posted: 2014-06-09 @ 2:42am PT
When I ‘upgraded’ to 10.9.2 I had immediate problems. crashes, machine is slower than before, colored folder feature is gone, problems with safari, etc. I’m going back to snow leopard. Mac user from day one, but very disappointed by their latest upgrades and total lack of response from Apple re: some of these issues. At least Steve listened to users, this group running the company sucks.

Posted: 2014-06-08 @ 4:37pm PT
After upgrading to Mavericks from OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard every time I run iMovie or Final Cut Pro X it crashes. Do I need to revert back?

Posted: 2014-06-08 @ 11:09am PT
I lost all my data. How do I revert back or how do I find my old stuff?

Posted: 2014-06-05 @ 10:36am PT

Posted: 2014-06-02 @ 12:24pm PT
Mavericks is garbage.

George Browning:
Posted: 2014-06-01 @ 11:07am PT
Agree with most of the comments here, I reverted back to Snow Leopard 10.6.8, had better features than Mavericks which has far too many intrusive, caching apps. (spyware which is totally screwing up the system). Apple should have just updated Snow Leopard period. Mavericks is crap, I’d rather go back to Windows 7, than use another Mac.

Wijay – London:
Posted: 2014-06-01 @ 9:48am PT
Absolute disaster for my imac. Safari does not work. Most of the software slowed down. It takes ages to reboot.
I am so angry that I upgraded.

Posted: 2014-05-30 @ 7:41pm PT
I have to say mavericks has been a disaster for us. We were fine on Snow leopard and been nothing but issues with Mavericks since we upgraded. Cant even get reliable filesharing…

Posted: 2014-05-30 @ 6:12pm PT
Mavericks 10.9.3 is a disaster with the new Mac Pro. Impossible to edit/export in Adobe Première. Overheating. Video corrupted in preview with entire horizontal line of pixels, constant crashings. Same problems within davinci Resolve.
Encoder crashes too.
I cannot work anymore…
A real disaster

Posted: 2014-05-29 @ 1:20am PT
Until I upgraded, if that’s the correct word to use, to Mavericks my mac worked fine, now it’s just problem after problem.
Maverick is just a pile of crap with no must have items or improvements over what I had before.

Posted: 2014-05-28 @ 7:01am PT
Mavericks has been a complete disaster for our business. Frozen machines, user profiles totally unreliable, internet accounts constantly corrupting, ~/library files and database constantly corrupting. We are in an infinite loop of supporting users … resetting user’s home directories and profiles. We think there are bugs in the what home directories for users are created. We create a new user, and by default the iCloud cache and Addressbook databases are corrupt. It takes Mavericks about 30mins of time out period to recover. We shouldn’t have upgraded. Normally we can get over these things with tweaks, fixes and work arounds. But these issues are insummountable. It’s killing our business. What a disaster.

Posted: 2014-05-22 @ 12:08pm PT
Attempted to download Mavericks and following ‘install’ I now have nothing on a grey screen apart from a spinning wheel. I cannot use the computer at all as this has been spinning for a day now. This comment is typed on a second commuter.
Can anyone help?

Posted: 2014-05-19 @ 10:32am PT
Three years ago I visited an Apple store for the first time. I was so impressed that I bought stock and then a phone and then an iPad and then a macbookpro.

I no longer feel like a customer at the Apple store. Help is hard to come by and wow do I need it.

Mail program has to coaxed to start each day and then will stop accepting mail for no reason. Of course it is invisible so you do not know that urgent emails are even waiting .

Most recent upgrade was the last straw – mail is worse, preview refuses to function and all I get is the spinning ball of death.

How could anyone be so stupid as to spread defective software across the orchard just as Microsoft Windows is forcing hundreds of millions of users to junk their equipment. It was Apple’s opportunity of a lifetime.

Much of the blame belongs to the bean counters and their wall street bankster friends who seem to be running Apple without regard to what made it the global symbol of customercentric excellence in design and service.

Posted: 2014-05-18 @ 9:49pm PT
Apple Guru switched me over to Maverick because I was having problems with Safari. I get home and plug in my flash drive and suddenly all the icons within my folders are black boxes that say exec. Have no clue how or if I can get my icons back. I’m an Apple computer novice so I’m not sure what to do.

Posted: 2014-05-17 @ 1:58am PT
Bought a brand New Mac Mini with Mavericks installed. I noticed it was not compatible with a lot of my old software… so I decided to “downgrade” to Mountain Lion.. Best decision I ever made. Too bad the new late 2013 Mac Pros won’t take Mountain Lion. I love my Mac Mini i7… It’s almost as fast as the latest Mac Pros and I’m not stuck with Mavericks! I wasn’t fond of the new finder tabs feature or the dotted tags… very lame.

Posted: 2014-05-15 @ 7:58pm PT
Mavericks just sucks, it was a beta release, needs more repairs. Don’t upgrade -stick with Snow or Lion.

Posted: 2014-05-15 @ 2:00pm PT
For anyone reading and have not upgraded to Mavericks, do a little research first. People are dumb and think all the old stuff will always work. There is a reason every software manufacture in the world updates their software…Get with the times folks.

Posted: 2014-05-15 @ 10:25am PT
Seems like the “free” mavs creates more problems vs solves them. Always best not to “upgrade” if everything works for you as new code can cause major havoc. Use a bootable clone to revert if you can. Unfortunately some have apparently lost all their data stored on external drives due to coding issues between manufacturers. No one signs on for permanent data loss ie. pictures video etc.

Will probably not “upgrade” as we still use old apps from 10.5.8 that work perfectly on a quick 2013 mini i7 ssd on 10.8.5. Apple really should take more time to work out major bugs as users do not sign on to be beta testers – disclaimer or not. We gave up being early adopters way back in 10.5.8.


BF Deal:
Posted: 2014-05-13 @ 10:23pm PT
Mavericks BLOWS DEAD BEARS. My computer is now showing the Apple Beach Ball of Death for 20 seconds on every mouse click. It trashed a lot of valuable and expensive programs. I am so mad at myself for installing this crap.

Marko S.:
Posted: 2014-05-12 @ 8:01am PT
Disaster. After updated to mavericks, I can not use my applications: text edit, preview, app store, messages, contacts, quicktime player.

The saddest is that I can not do any more updates at all, can’t get to that window. Maximum disappointment.
I have no words to say.

Posted: 2014-05-12 @ 1:56am PT
I’ve spoken with three different tech support people lately (out of necessity after installing a Mavericks Server that isn’t playing nice), who have either already stopped doing Apple support or are considering stopping. A local college replaced its Macs with PCs two years ago and I’ve heard the local university is planning to replace their Macs with PCs next year. I’m not sure what we’ll do in our office as local Apple support dries up.

Posted: 2014-05-10 @ 12:01am PT
agree: apple has taken a mortal hit and their stock reflects it, between omitting optical drives so one has to add iffy peripherals, to the deranged acting ‘mavericks’… remembering a maverick is a horse that refuses to behave/cannot be trained, what a bad bad choice to name an os– to their extreme troubles in court with inability to get judge recused or to move venue.

Suggest get technician to hand hold while you go backward in time to snow leopard or mountain lion… the great sin of Apple is over six months of serious tech complaints from business users, day in and day out, and nada. No responses. No patches. Know Steve J personally, heads would ROLL were he alive. He would have been livid. Pay the tech. It’s worth it to stop losing productivity=$ income.

And telling people who have serious equip issues to stfu, as little Isiah does in his hissy-pique here, is of no help and of no honor. For those of us running linked quads with dual cinemas and 12 hour output in graphics and text per day, the ‘service’ we want is from actual experienced master techs. ‘Nuff said.

Sad Mac:
Posted: 2014-05-09 @ 10:45am PT
About 6 months ago I bought a new Mac Mini as a dedicated work computer. It came installed with Mavericks. I don’t know if it’s a hardware or software issue, but it freezes up several times a day. Worse than any PC I was forced to work with years ago.

Sometimes, when I reboot, it comes back up still frozen. And, I’m not running any esoteric software, just the built-ins, plus MS office and a couple of browsers.

Posted: 2014-05-09 @ 9:53am PT
if you get stuck look at your help files… I find them funny…If you have a look you will laugh…Everything you could ask for is in there, how to’s and don’ts oh and by the way google is not as secure as we are being told nor is windows 8. lol
“You really don’t know ! ?”

Posted: 2014-05-08 @ 11:57am PT
Here is the solution to your Maverick/MBP woes: Go to Amazon or Crucial and get a 240Gb SSD drive for $100. Remove your MBP HD, drop it into an external USB case, install the SSD with Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion, then copy your data off from the Mavericks-contaminated drive. That’s it, very simple and affordable fix.

Posted: 2014-05-05 @ 4:57pm PT
I wish I had never upgraded to Mavericks. Mail freezes up and has to be hard-quit & restarted ALL the time. Chrome freezes up and has to be hard-quit and restarted, several times per day. Basically any application I use is constantly freezing up, I spend half my time in my activity monitor doing force quits and restarting apps. I am almost to the point of moving all my activity over to my Windows PC and I never, ever thought I would say that after I bought my first Mac!

Posted: 2014-05-03 @ 4:09am PT
Mavericks totally degraded my work productivity. I use a Windows virtual machine that was working prefectly on Lion (MB Pro with 16G Ram).

– VM slows down in time, after 3 hours unusable, got to reboot
– When computer goes to sleep, 90% of times it reboots damaging VM file system


coire walker:
Posted: 2014-04-30 @ 8:38pm PT
This company is pure dog. Ever since Jobs died.

Posted: 2014-04-29 @ 7:06am PT
My guess is…. Mavericks ignores any machine that is a few years old or older. If you’re not maxed out with RAM and the CPU is not at least Quad Core, Mavericks will not be a good experience.

Having said that, I read that new machines are experiencing problems as well. So you need to ask if upgrading is an absolute must. I’m not touching any machine here (we have 12) that is older that 2012. No reason to.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Posted: 2014-04-28 @ 5:31pm PT
Everyone who is complaining about Mavericks. STFU! Honestly, I was able to mess with the installation app to install this on an old unsupported mac and it works better than ever. All of you must have faulty hardware because I have never even heard of these bugs during the betas.

Posted: 2014-04-27 @ 10:26pm PT
Apple has turned to . Still haven’t fixed the age-old problem where mac OS pauses printers and can’t be resumed. Absolute crap.

Posted: 2014-04-26 @ 1:55pm PT
MBP late’11 almost never comes out of sleep,
Get slower through the day until becomes unresponsive at all. Hard Reboot…
Preview is crap, no MP3 cover-art in Finder too etc.
All was fine until ML…

Posted: 2014-04-26 @ 10:33am PT
I am disgusted with Mavericks!!! I am a creative professional who has been using Apple since the mid-90s and never before have I had such major issues with an Apple update.
Fonts don’t work, using standard T1 fonts? Too bad, says Apple! Tagging folders doesn’t work, that little dot to the side is a joke. Mail doesn’t load up correctly. You can’t add documents to Favorites.
And do you think Apple has anything to say about it? Hell no. Thanks for being there for me after so many years of loyalty and thousands of dollars spent, I really appreciate it.

Johannes Bols:
Posted: 2014-04-23 @ 9:17am PT
Apple is on the wane. Every TIME I turn on my Mac, not every DAY, every TIME, there’s some kind of hurdle or catastrophe that prevents me doing the very simple things I use it for.
If I owned a business that used this software wh. obviously should never have left BETA so the endusers cold do the work for them, I’d be thinking of a class action lawsuit.

Posted: 2014-04-22 @ 4:26pm PT
Internet connection died after Mavericks software update. Internet was working just before the update. Now I’m trying to find out what the h*ll happened.

Posted: 2014-04-22 @ 1:57pm PT
I wish I had not upgraded to Mavericks. The new features are not intuative or useful. I had OSX Lion and it was a breeze to use. Now I have lost mail folders (during the upgrade), and I find that many of the apps really suck.
examples: preview, itunes, finder, mail, and facetime

Posted: 2014-04-22 @ 1:36pm PT
I am sooooooo confused. Can I uninstall Maverick?

Posted: 2014-04-22 @ 12:11pm PT
Mavericks is a piece of crap. Been using Macs since the ’80s so I’m no newbie at upgrading the OS. Interface “improvements” are a joke (scrolling). Preview and Mail are seriously broken (or developers didn’t do a very good job of sharing changes with major stakeholders–Mozilla, Google, etc.). Everything is slower. Worst part is that Apple either isn’t listening or doesn’t care (so what else is new). I should have guessed something was up when Apple offered a new OS for free. Shame on me, I guess.

Posted: 2014-04-21 @ 5:08pm PT
no no no…. I can’t accept that it is just a coincidence that I used my itunes just fine in the morning… update system to mavericks around noon and can no longer open itunes… as it claims I need to uncheck the 32 bit box …. and the damned box isn’t even checked in the first place! My computer ran just FINE 5 minutes prior to the install. This is ridiculous. I am a musician and now can’t sync my ipad with my sheet music through itunes because I can’t open the program on the mac!!

Posted: 2014-04-21 @ 1:17pm PT
I’m sorry to tell you folks this but mavericks isn’t your issue. If you have other problems when ever you install a new OS they come to light. Make sure you do you disk utilities and repair all permitions before installing. I’ve worked on apple computers for 10 years and I’ve experienced the most stable platform in Mavericks IF the machine is properly maintained. Its worth doing a check up on your computer if you experience the problems. As of APRIL it appears polished and much better than older OS on MacBooks from 2009 and newer, MacBook pros from 2008 or newer, iMacs and Mac Minis. Even the Mac Pro roars to life if well maintained. EVERY “Mavericks” issue we have seen in our shop has been to other hardware or software issues.
And no, I’m not a fan boy for all apple not matter what just for a good machine. Keep at it folks, I promise if you repair disk permitions, replace hard drives that are older than 3 years old (No Western digital as they have a super high failure rate) and don’t use bad software like fixmymac, clean my Mac, or MacKeeper, you’ll do fine and have your machine back up in no time!

Posted: 2014-04-20 @ 6:04pm PT
I was such an apple fan until I installed Mavericks. Now safari will no longer communicate with iPhoto. Really don’t want the wait to download and install again. Who knows what will happen. Maybe I should leave well enough alone.

Zac Mane:
Posted: 2014-04-20 @ 1:54pm PT
Simply do NOT up grade to Mavericks it just does not work on New or Old iMacs (June 2013 iMac & 2008 iMac).

Both computers are slow unresponsive freeze and need to be restarted I can’t use the new 27” iMac for anything but word processing and even then it falls in a heap.

Apple will not do anything Macs never again my old windows computers run with more stability and are faster.

K Keeley:
Posted: 2014-04-20 @ 1:04pm PT
Total Crap!!!!!
Slow as anything, Dropbox won’t work, Photoshop is soooooo goddamn slow, oh and my Canon laser printer drivers? Gone again!!!
Thanks Apple, you’ve turned my Mac into a piece of crap!

K Keeley:
Posted: 2014-04-20 @ 12:56pm PT
Total Crap!!!!!
Slow as anything, Dropbox won’t work, Photoshop is soooooo goddamn slow, oh and my Canon laser printer drivers? Gone again!!!
Thanks Apple, you’ve turned my Mac into a piece of crap!

Posted: 2014-04-20 @ 4:50am PT
Missing spinning cog wheel in Mail App in Mavericks is simply a stupid move. There is no way visually of knowing whether the Mail App is getting mail.

Posted: 2014-04-19 @ 6:26pm PT
What do I think? Not trying too be overly simplistic, or bitter… only factual!

Mavericks sucked, and still sucks on April 19, 2014!

What a sluggish piece of crap! Apple must have hired a bunch of Microsoft coders since Mr. Jobs left us. It’s really starting to remind me of older versions of Windows.

Matter of fact, I get a more pleasant user experience, at least performance wise, when I boot into Windows 7 on my Boot Camp partition. Seriously!

Seriously again, Apple, Mavericks is a terrible performing piece of OS doo-doo!

Mavericks sucks… fix my computer with an OS that runs properly, Apple. And I thought going from Snow Leopard (GREAT OS!) to crappy Lion was bad.

Jobs leaves us, the entire organization goes to crap… it would appear.

Bummer! 🙁

Posted: 2014-04-19 @ 1:29pm PT
Mavricks sucks. Had SL no probs for 5 years. Now after shutdown or restart it comes on at max volume, when MB pro goes to sleep it loses the monitor settings and have to restart, MS office windows jump half off the screen and have to be closed and reloaded, slow loading, crashes, and that’s just the obvious stuff. BS goin PC soon.

Fiona Parkhouse:
Posted: 2014-04-14 @ 11:45pm PT
Our MacBookPro is a complete nightmare since upgrading ( I use that term loosely) to Mavericks. We have had problems with Mail ( slow and can’t bin anything), Pages ( can’t open old documents which are our business invoices) and now finally the desk top has had the spinning wheel for 24 hours. DISASTER! Apple you should start listening!

Posted: 2014-04-12 @ 6:45pm PT
I started using mac since 2011 when I seriously started photography… and was happy with my 2011 MBP until i “upgraded” to Mavericks !!!! Now my MBP takes ages to startup, open programs, load photos etc. Safari has become so slow loading…. and my laptop hangs/freezes often!!!!! Finally Apple has forced me to now install windows 8.1…. and happy using that on my MBP. It runs much faster than mavericks!!!!!

Posted: 2014-04-12 @ 8:19am PT
OK, I’m a big Apple fan since I’m in the creative industry. However, ever since I clicked the update to Mavericks button, figured it has been awhile so bugs should be fixed, My life has been hell.

Then I did some searches and find that many users have the same issues, however, the Apple Support Community seems to be filled with ignorant Apple lovers saying that it is the user’s responsibility to “properly install and check everything.”

I am extremely upset. I loved Apple because they used to make life easier for us creative folks… but now it is working like the old Windows where users have to “configure” extensively.

It’s not just the Pro Apps that are having problems, but other basic apps as well. Safari has gotten worse… sure everything looks and feels nicer, but the incompatibilities are ridiculous. I feel that perhaps after Steve Jobs past away, everything has gone downhill… damn it I am actually pretty upset at how things are running.

Posted: 2014-04-11 @ 8:09am PT
I can’t read the menus because the font is so tiny. I have my mac mini connected to a 32″ HDTV and I have to lean in really, really close to see the menus in all apps. This is ridiculous.

Bonnie kautz:
Posted: 2014-04-11 @ 7:51am PT
I cannot get my HP PhotoSmart Premium Printer and my MacBookk Pro nor my IBook to connect. They did until about the middle of the week last week. They connected at the Apple Store but not here at home. The menu on the printer says it is connected. The pring Queue on the computer says the printer is offline. I have called HP support and Apple support twice within the last week and have gone to the Apple store and spent two hours there with no success here at home and I desperately need this to work. I have work waiting to be done.

Posted: 2014-04-08 @ 12:13pm PT
I was happy with the way my 3 yr old MacBook Pro was running. Printer, external hard drive (where I keep my iTunes library), games and various programs all worked. I regret upgrading to this disaster! I’ve spent the last 3 days getting everything to work again but if the only solution through tech support are walk arounds, patches and program reloads fixes than in my opinion it shouldn’t be called an upgrade.

Posted: 2014-04-07 @ 12:50am PT
Snow Leopard was still the best MACOSX OS. Safari has a wonderful UI but it’s just too slow. I wanted to be loyal but I have to move on. Now using Chrome.

Posted: 2014-04-06 @ 9:06am PT
Upgraded to OSX 10.9.2, within a day, screen would not come on or wake up from sleep–just dark screen with a slight glow at bottom left; eventually took 1.5 hours to light up? Then black horizontal flickering lines and then blammo – lights out. Apple says its my screen (a $500 repair) but I suspect the extra/odd power usage to CPU due to this “upgrade” fried my 3-yr-old iMac. Anyone else having these types of problems?

Posted: 2014-04-05 @ 12:55am PT
10.9 has slowed my imac considerably. colored folders no longer available, steve is turning in his grave.

Posted: 2014-04-03 @ 3:24pm PT
Color wheel on everything since update. Really frustrating. Takes an hour to do a simple 10 minute task now.

Jeannie Q:
Posted: 2014-04-03 @ 4:28am PT
Hello I have been advised at an Apple one to one session, to upgrade my 2 year old mac book pro (snow leopard at the moment) with the Mavericks software. As a silver surfer reading the forum gripes and comments I am very wary, I’m not a techno whizz, so, has anything changed in the last couple of months to make it hassle free ?

Posted: 2014-04-01 @ 1:31am PT
It wiped out my iMac… my new one. It has to be my disc, my radio card, interference, I blamed the wi fi, the down load, the modem, the phone lines, the signal. It must be me. It has to be. I’ll have this fixed in no time… no. OSX on disks. It’s back to the big cats for me.

Posted: 2014-03-31 @ 4:56pm PT
I have many Apple products and have run quite a few of the OS. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. I have had headache after headache. Finder can’t find! And on and on. It’s like they released a darn beta product!Where is my Snow Leopard for my new Mac Mini! I want it back.

Rex B:
Posted: 2014-03-31 @ 8:28am PT
No way to burn a CD/DVD on my iMac. With Mountain Lion this was routine but the new generation iMac DOESN’T HAVE a DVD drive so Mavericks doesn”t have this facility.
Apple say that no new machines will have drives.
How am I supposed to share videos with people who want to watch from a DVD? And the system now is so painfully slow

Peter Cooper:
Posted: 2014-03-31 @ 8:16am PT
My Mac hadn’t crashed since I’ve had it 5 years ago, but since I have upgraded my operating system to Snow Leopard and then Mavericks, it crashes all the time. Very disappointing.

Posted: 2014-03-30 @ 9:27pm PT
Whoa. They shoulda named it Disastericks.

Fortunately, our systems dude had the foresight to take one iMac out of the network to try with Mavericks. Practically NOTHING worked right. After eight hours (paid time, btw) of fighting with it, he recommended sticking with SL.

He was able to restore from a backup, we’re back to smooth sailing until the day we’re absolutely forced into a new OS – at which point we’ll definitely consider Windows if this Apple crapple continues.


Posted: 2014-03-30 @ 8:42pm PT
We just bought a brand new Mac Mini Server with Mavericks installed — and so far it’s proving to be a challenge.

Calendar is next-to-useless as it almost flatly refuses to accept a setting to open an application as an alert. It’s taken app restart after restart to finally get something happening. A ten minute job took three days — working days.

We are also seeing shared volume icons disappearing from connected iMacs. We never saw this when connected to the old non-server Mac Mini running Leopard. I’d assumed a Mavericks Server would make sharing easier but so far, it’s not the case.

And what on Earth is the idea behind the dumping of “Save As”? Trying to save an Automator workflow as an app is an exercise is out-of-the-envelope thinking and frustration. I just wast to “Save As” an application. I don’t need on on-screen duplicate to confuse things — and that doesn’t even save as an app after “converting” it to an application. What’s that about?!

It’s utter madness and has already cost us money as we pay people to fight with it and try and make sense of it. For years now Apple seem to have been pursuing form over function. It’s pretty and it’s animated and it has all those amazing transparency and reflection effects — but all those things would be so much nicer if the OS actually worked as well.

I think they need to sack a few designers and hire a programmer instead.

Posted: 2014-03-30 @ 1:59pm PT
Have had exactly this problem with both my mac and iPhone although I don’t use mavericks which, I suppose, makes it even worse. Update download keeps cutting out, says download failed, and each time i have to restart from the *beginning*. if apple are such geniuses, then why don’t any of their devices yet have an in built ability to cope with or compensate for disruptions in the server/wireless signal?? Can’t believe that this iOS is so buggy and difficult, and their devices so ill equipped with almost no meaningful help guides despite being ridiculously complex. considering the obscene prices people pay I’m surprised they still have business. when my devices eventually die or i smash them in frustration I will *never* go back. Apple = a total cowboy company!!

Dr. Andrews:
Posted: 2014-03-30 @ 8:55am PT
Don’t upgrade to Mavericks. Many many things will break. Mail, Dropbox, web browsing, Matlab. All have broken for me, with no payoff. What a piece of crap.

Posted: 2014-03-29 @ 7:01pm PT
Mavericks won’t let me open or empty my trash can. The pinwheel of death runs every time I’m working on my desktop. I might be in trouble here…

Posted: 2014-03-29 @ 11:15am PT
Mavericks makes my formerly rock-solid Mac crash at least once a day. Apps take WAY longer to start. Apps like Office used to work and now hang. Pages takes minutes to start. It’s crap and I regret “upgrading”.

Posted: 2014-03-29 @ 3:46am PT
All in all, a disappointing experience that’s made my MBP even less useful than it already was to me… even my high priced glorified music player is no longer worth my time stuffing around with and I leave it home now. The fact that I can no longer access previous docs and the now painfully slow startup and shutdown times has done nothing to endear iProducts to me.

1 frustrated busyness own:
Posted: 2014-03-27 @ 11:15am PT
i updated 1 week ago and the new pages refuses to recognize old docs and won’t let me create and save new ones. In fact once opened the old docs freeze and are declared unreadable, I’ve lost some important docs

Posted: 2014-03-27 @ 9:49am PT
I get the spinning beach ball when trying to enter my grade reports and the software freezes! Super frustrating!

Ryan Bishop:
Posted: 2014-03-27 @ 4:57am PT
Maverick ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. My computer is super slow, mail used to load in seconds, now I sit and stare at it for minutes and it is driving me nuts. I was worried that After Steve Died that Apple would screw up a great thing, and they sure did. I am seriously considering leaving apple soon if they do not get this fixed. What a bad time for apple to make a huge error like this, with everything in limbo after the founder passed on. The board should read his autobiography a few times and focus on the thesis of his lives work. “Focus on the user experience, and if you get that right, sales will come”!!!!!

Posted: 2014-03-26 @ 2:29pm PT
ALL of my programs run poorly – and slowly – crashing with regularity – since I installed OS Maverick. Is there any recourse? I waited to install then caved. I am sorry I did!!!

Posted: 2014-03-26 @ 8:48am PT
Hmmm maybe I will pass for now given the feedback and reported issues, I’m a little dubious about the leap from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. I can do without the stress!

Posted: 2014-03-25 @ 12:54pm PT
OS has problem to detect external hard drive (sometimes it did detect all, and sometimes detects only 2 to 3 – I have 4 external hard drives).
Did anyone has the same problem???

Dennis Poley:
Posted: 2014-03-25 @ 5:58am PT
Mavericks ‘Upgrade’ is a misnomer. For ‘up’ read ‘down’. No wonder it’s free.

My Canoscan 8400F cannot now be used. Vuescan is no use since it has to have the Canoscan driver loaded – not possible to do it in OS X 10.9.2.

Scrolling wireless mouse was erratic right from the start and has now conked out. Is that a problem just for my iMac?

The Mail use of Contacts is a regression: more clicks in forwarding make for less efficiency. Click to reply and the email is unbudgeable.

Can my iMac move back to a previous life?

Please !!

Posted: 2014-03-24 @ 11:51am PT
I went straight from snow lepoard to mavericks, i have never seen the spinning candy so much in my life hope they fix it.

Posted: 2014-03-22 @ 1:11pm PT
MacBook Pro: dead in the water… after Maverick. Second monitor problem, tried to fix it, restart… now sign in loops to gray and back to sign in…..so sad.

Posted: 2014-03-19 @ 3:24pm PT
My 2009 Vectorworks does not start anymore.
It worked fine till I upgraded to the new OS X.
Mavericks really sucks!!!

Posted: 2014-03-18 @ 8:29am PT
Since I’ve updated to Mavericks, my computer is slower then ever, the ‘Notification Center’ is the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to endure while using my computer, and on top it all, my computer won’t recognize my external hard drives where I keep all my folders!! I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS UPDATE! Apple really swung and missed with this one! I felt like this the first time I updated to Lion as well, and even that was way better than this!! I’m taking my computer to the apple care center and having them re-install Snow Leopard; that is the last usable OS apple produced in years.

Posted: 2014-03-17 @ 8:09am PT
Since I installed Mavericks, my computer is slow (Mac Mini), I have to restart it several times a day because when it goes to sleep, it often “wakes up” blank-screened and unresponsive, and I can not print PDF documents from Chrome. The preview shows a one-page PDF distributed over 6 to 8 pages, all mostly blank.

Posted: 2014-03-16 @ 9:11pm PT
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH NIGEL!!!! I have also used Apple for 30 years and this is the WORST OS by a hundred miles!!!
Bad enough they messed with things that work just fine and took away a decent iCal and replaced it with a piece of crap and now sell you back the old one under the name BusyCal for $30 – this OS has totally slowed down, it takes a huge amount of time to move from folder to folder – 18 seconds for the contents of the application folder (any folder!) to appear! – and longer to change applications. The spinning wheel and a hand appear instead of the pointer. I nearly three my macbook across the room today and started screaming violently and I am a CALM PERSON!!!

Posted: 2014-03-14 @ 4:30am PT
I’ve used Apple for 30 years and maverick is just about enough to make me go over to windows. It’s buggy, unstable, at time almost unpredictable. It has turned a nearly new macbook pro into something less than pleasing to use. A very big disappointment.

Posted: 2014-03-13 @ 12:35pm PT
If you use Mac Mail to access your gmail account(s), don’t upgrade to Mavericks. It is a disaster.

Posted: 2014-03-12 @ 6:31pm PT
My Mac Mail is really messed up since upgrading to Mavericks. My drafts get deleted. I’m not sure if all of the emails are still in my mailboxes. I have to keep transferring them from the VIP mailbox, and I don’t want the VIP mailbox.

new mac user:
Posted: 2014-03-12 @ 2:51pm PT
Bought a new 15″ Reting MBP. it is my first Apple computer so I cannot compare to others but still I work with Maverick with only small problems. I’m really disappointed how Firefox is working on Mac. It is terribly slow and cpu consuming, also it has completely crashed the OS many times, had to do hard reset…

Jack Legg:
Posted: 2014-03-09 @ 7:14pm PT
Every time I go to print in InDesign CS-3 it crashes. CS-3 costs too much for Adobe not to offer a patch.

Posted: 2014-03-07 @ 4:32pm PT
Mavericks is a memory disaster. I have studied the RAM monitor quite carefully, and it never seems to release ram. Over many days of sleep, activity, sleep,.. it mainly increments the compressed ram, and eventually swap, till the system slows to a crawl. Even if many applications are shut down. So the new system sounds great in theory, but doesn’t work well at all. Either they are facing memory leaks all over the place, or they are just not being smart about throwing out old data from ram before going to compression and swap. Nor did they first software update help. They need to deal with this from the ground up, and soon.

Posted: 2014-03-07 @ 3:50am PT
I hate the new Maverick operating system. I have been forced onto icloud to backup my contacts and calendar. I used to be able to backup to my computer via USB cable via itunes. My workplace are now telling me not to use icloud due to privacy issues (i.e. work based info being on an unknown server). I am now going to be forced to seek other options that involve me purchasing non mac related products. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Mac! Dumb decision to force people onto icloud.

Posted: 2014-03-04 @ 5:48pm PT
I have a mid-2010 Mac Mini that’s been running beautifully on Snow Leopard 10.6.8. After the recent observations that Apple may stop issuing updates for 10.6.8, I decided to give Mavericks a shot. I tried upgrading to 10.9.2 but performance was badly degraded – got the spinning wheel of death trying to do just about anything from opening a file to surfing the web. Trying to watch any type of video content was all but impossible due to severe lag.

I took a drastic approach and did a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.2. Voila! System performance is much improved.

I don’t really mind reinstalling my apps and restoring my data – it was time for some spring cleaning anyway.

Navi S:
Posted: 2014-03-04 @ 4:09pm PT
My trackpad immediately stopped working once I installed Maverick. I don’t mind that my mouse controls have been inverted as well… I am just weirded out by how buggy this O S is.

Roscoe Wong:
Posted: 2014-03-03 @ 2:11am PT
I, too have had a horrible experience with Mavericks and really regret upgrading my family’s 3 VERY EXPENSIVE MacBooks. Our computers have never been the same. They are slow, unstable, and TERRIBLE. I spend half my time now looking at the spinning color wheel. I used to LOVE our new Macs, and the older ones before them. Now I can’t STAND them. In addition, iTunes has become unusable, and so have iPads and iPods for anyone who has their own media libraries and just wants to load them and enjoy them. Apple is a HUGE disappointment now. I’ve going to write off our Macs now as a very expensive mistake. I am reluctantly switching back to Windows computers, and one Linux Machine.

Posted: 2014-03-02 @ 6:24pm PT
Just installed the mavericks osx and now none of my apps or software are working….I can’t use mackeeper, Safari, Mail, ps5, LR4…….Does anyone know of a solution?…..I now own a very expensive boat anchor!!

Posted: 2014-03-01 @ 7:32pm PT
Can’t believe Apple haven’t released an entirely new system yet. 10.9.2 update still fixes nothing. I’ve done a recovery install with 10.9 with no fix to lag on a macbook pro 2011.

Want to know an instant fix though? Autocad 2013/2014. Simply running it once per boot then closing makes the system lag disappear instantly. Why? Who knows. This shouldn’t be a fix but shows quite obviously how simple the fix is for Apple.

Also an expensive fix when your 30 day Autocad trail runs out.

Hopefully someone can figure out what Autocad is doing to Mavericks to speed it up again, since Apple don’t care 4 months on.

Oh wait they do care! They’re bringing us their new line of Macs next month no wonder why they needed to slow down everyone’s Mac with a simple bug! Thanks!

Maverick Pain:
Posted: 2014-02-27 @ 1:41am PT
Here we are 4 months into the release of Maverick and I’m still having too power of the iMac because it’s locked up. Never had the problem with Mountain Lion. Chrome is very slow, Mail is unusable, Safari shows blank pages, Finder hangs. Not a good release, I guess it’s worth the price I paid, I wasn’t expecting the extra large cost of the loss in productivity.

Posted: 2014-02-25 @ 12:07am PT
Had issues with errors creating the boot disk. During the install froze up at the end. First time booting into Mavericks it froze up had to hard reset. Froze up second time booting into maverick on login screen. Held down SHIFT for safe mode boot.. And it froze up during safe boot!! My poor hard drive 🙁


Mavericks is a piece of crap. And iOs 7 is buggy as f_ck with huge security issues. Oh I just reinstalled and updated my grandmas old E-machine PC running Windows 7 while I was sitting around waiting for this crap to load took me like 20 mins the PC was a breeze compared to this. And now looks like I’ll be partitioning and formatting to downgrade. Morons!!

Posted: 2014-02-17 @ 6:03pm PT
Apple screwed up this time, I am starting to get people who compare Mavericks with WinME.

Posted: 2014-02-17 @ 2:55am PT
Had many BAD weeks with Mavericks, installed on top of 10.8. Erased my Macbook pro completely, fresh installed 10.9 (and got data back from backup). Now it is fine (well, Mail is still having hard times with many functions). At least, it’s fast again. I keep an eye on Console and activity monitor all the time. That’s what the test engineers should have been doing . . . . .

Posted: 2014-02-11 @ 2:58pm PT
I installed OSX Mavericks on my iMac 27in with 16 GB Ram – ran so slowly and bugged up some of my apps that I re-installed ML. On my Macbook Air Mav installed easily; all is well with no issues at all – weird.

Posted: 2014-02-11 @ 11:50am PT
Mavericks is pure crap.

John TK:
Posted: 2014-02-10 @ 6:29pm PT
Mavericks is a piece crap. It ed up big time on multi-displays. I have a second monitor with DisplayLink which worked perfectly in ML. I was able to get it to display on the second monitor for one time by constantly plug/unplug and switching to different resolutions, and even then the mouse was extremely sluggish. Today, I can’t get the second monitor to display again. I am so pissed! 🙁

Posted: 2014-02-10 @ 2:07pm PT
Although some issues are nonexistent that other uses are having my issue is that I can not burn a DVD now after the maverick install. A blank DVD will not even show up in finder. I bought a LG add on DVD drive/burner and it works fine. I’m not happy.

Posted: 2014-02-10 @ 3:24am PT
My Macbook Pro from 2009 has become noticeably faster, but even better is the increase in battery life. I upgraded directly from Snow Leopard and before the upgrade I couldn’t leave my laptop in sleep for longer than a day without it draining the battery. Now sleep mode uses practically zero battery, which means the computer is always as ready-to-use as when I left it. Besides that I like the full-screen mode a lot better in Mavericks, it really improves my work flow being able to have multiple applications in full screen, 3-finger swiping between them.

Clive L:
Posted: 2014-02-04 @ 6:18pm PT
I installed Maverick on my 2008 Imac with Mountain Lion 4 days ago.
It was instantly slower.
The new Numbers it came with does not function fully.
After 4 days the whole system has crashed and will not open.
Tried parameter reset, safe mode and recovery mode , none will work.
Applecare have given me a free appointment tomorrow and luckily I had time machine back up to access from my laptop.
I also had huge problems when I upgraded to Mountain Lion which resulted in a complete reinstall of Lion and then re upgrading to Mountain Lion – took 3 days under instruction from Applecare.
Interesting that the lap top and Imac were bought new together but the laptop could not upgrade beyond Lion despite the sales guy saying they would always work together.
The post Steve Jobs ethos at Apple does not bode well for the future

Posted: 2014-02-02 @ 12:40pm PT
I’m incredibly disappointed with the SLOW performance of 10.9.1. Totally unacceptable. If Apple seeks to provide Microsoft experiences, then I’ll go back to Microsoft.

Posted: 2014-02-02 @ 11:52am PT
I’ve been with Macs since 1984, PCs since 1979, and am starting to believe that PCs have passed their zenith (sometime around 2010-2011) and are starting to devolve into uselessness. I upgraded to Mavericks a day after it came out and so far have experienced the slow behavior everyone else seems to be experiencing. SystemStats is a strange program in that it eats gigs of RAM, saturates the hard drive–for statistics? Normally a stats program takes only a second or two in the background and a few megabytes of RAM to process log files and crunch numbers. Linux distros can’t meet desktop quality and are perpetual betas, Windows 8 is too retarded to use, and Mac OS seems to be declining, “dumbing down”, and busy-working its way to irrelevance. Starting in 2009 for a lot of what I do I just went back to paper and pen. For many things anymore I’ve upgraded from Macintosh or Microsoft to Mead.

Posted: 2014-01-30 @ 5:32pm PT
Looks like I’m one of the few users that is actually happy with their upgrade to Mavericks. I’m seeing much faster processing, etc. The only problem or nuisance I’m experiencing are minimal and I’m sure it’s only because I’m not familiar enough with how to adjust to those changes.

My biggest challenge is that I no longer can use my HP Jet Scanner since there is no updated download that works with Mavericks, so now I wait.

Posted: 2014-01-30 @ 10:30am PT
This seems like a lot of user errors imho. These comments don’t even make sense. I am going out on a limb and think 90% of you barely know how to operate the computer.

I have had some genuine issues, such as breaking my anyconnnect vpn. Mac has long had compatibility issues with Windows this is nothing new. I have no problem with Calendar or Mail, and my inbox must have 100k ail items from 2005 to now. My computer is lightening fast, I do have an SSD and 16 GB or ram. That said, any computer without an SSD feels like a dog imho. I have no more safari issues then I had with snow leopard. I updated multiple computer to Mavericks without a problem.

These mostly sound like user errors.

Diana Applewhite:
Posted: 2014-01-30 @ 9:52am PT
Because my iMac was so balky, I ran Disk Utility a few minutes ago, and was horrified to see literally hundreds of permissions that needed repair, most involving iBook.

Posted: 2014-01-30 @ 7:37am PT
Bought a new Retina 15inch MBP with Maverics and crashes galore across all applications from Safari to Xcode to Sketchup to MS Office. So unstable it is unbelievable. My old MBP ran SnowLeopard and I made it a habit to reboot at least every 6 months whether it needed it or not 🙂 Application crashes: hardly ever in SnowLeopard, but the beach ball of death is an hourly occurence on Maverics and sometimes even more often. Given that, I wouldn’t trust all this iCloud rubbish that is being force fed to us. All I want is stable applications and Time machine backups and simple USB sync with iPad etc. Can’t rely on Broadband here, so Cloud stuff is a non starter for me.

Trodden on Reseller:
Posted: 2014-01-29 @ 1:56pm PT
Three comments:

Seems slow to react, is it doing something before it access disk? because this is what seems to be happening.

The security added is as bad as Vista for those that have to use a proxy like in a university, multiple repeated requests for passwords and multiple requests to add items to keychain. I would have installed little snitch if I wanted to spend my time clicking on yes/no boxes all day, at least Little Snitch allows the always so it does not come back. Just ugly!!

I have had two computers over the last month refuse to use the standard password I use on all Macs 2-4 weeks after the customer has taken possession. I am going to be cloning one of these machines and analysing its logs, all I can say is Apple [what] are you up to you NSA butt kissers …. stay posted.

David D:
Posted: 2014-01-29 @ 8:36am PT
Maverick has screwed up fonts in Microsoft Word. Speaking with an Apple IT help person, they provide no help in this matter citing the responsibility of the 3rd party software developers to come up with an update… like people don’t use Microsoft on Apple. Their solution (as always) use Pages, which for people who write and cite a lot is not really a rational option. Using a PC would be more rational. How can one market a product that is so substandard?

Posted: 2014-01-29 @ 2:08am PT
Snow Leopard = the best os apple made until now
Lion = ok
Mountain Lion = good
But Maverick is the most piece of crap i’ve ever got.
Compare with windows, windows is a milestone.
Looks like apple satisfied the stock market, but disappointed the user. I go back to ml tonight !!!

Posted: 2014-01-28 @ 2:06pm PT
Is there a way to uninstall this software and go back to what I had before? I’m a novice in this area!

Ken Morris:
Posted: 2014-01-28 @ 9:09am PT
Mavericks totally removes the ability to sync via usb cable your mac with iPod, iPad, and iPhone your contacts and calendar info. YOU ARE FORCED TO USE iCloud. This is incredible! i reinstalled all my computers with 10.8.5 and will not update any computers with this iCrap.

Robert Cepale:
Posted: 2014-01-28 @ 4:33am PT
My past E-mail information is totally gone. I had stored valuable items in DRAFTS and a column called TIDBITs. where I stored my newspaper column. IT IS A DISASTER. And it took about 4 hours to download. Can I get back what I had? My inbox and sent messages are totally wiped out.

adel mahmoud:
Posted: 2014-01-26 @ 6:04am PT
thunderbolt is a nightmare on Maveric

Posted: 2014-01-25 @ 6:18am PT
Ever since I upgraded to 10.9, I have have many of the issues I see here. After installing the update 10.9.1 some issues have improved but the system is still buggy. My three biggest issues are slow and non responsive or semi-responsive system, Mail app and it is a memory hog. I have 20 G and still get memory pressure with Aperture processes.

Posted: 2014-01-24 @ 1:14pm PT
Mavericks works pretty well for me, upgraded from ML, power user on macbook 4GB ram, 500GB SSD.

Main thing is MAil.app gagging is emailing attachments to Exchange server.

Kirk v:
Posted: 2014-01-24 @ 6:37am PT
Cannot get Calendar to open a file like it used too….. Read the instructions…but…NOPE…just does not do it???

Hazel R:
Posted: 2014-01-24 @ 1:07am PT
I’m having one or two issues but certainly nothing like you guys. I bought a brand new iMac and installed Mavericks straight away before even synching with my iPad. Maybe its just not playing nice with previous OSs?

Dr Benjamin:
Posted: 2014-01-23 @ 2:42pm PT
I have had endless problems with this piece of S and regret getting it. Everything is so slow and cumbersome and I am mega PO!! A real Apple Lemon is right and totally irresponsible for this supposed world leader!

Posted: 2014-01-23 @ 1:37am PT
Less than two days of buggy operation on Mavericks, when a startup feature locked the system – no admin password, totally unrecoverable disk permissions, no safe mode … no re-install allowed.

Mavericks – and let’s face it iOS 7 – are total BS that I suspect JOBS would have strangled at birth. Since when did Mac users (even admin account) need to have permissions to simply move files around?

Windows is looking like a breeze by comparison – at least Safe Mode lets you do essential repairs ….

Posted: 2014-01-21 @ 3:14pm PT
Since I upgraded to Mavericks, my MacAir takes a long time to open when I turn it on. Also Bookmarks are very
hard to manage and delete.

Michael Mead:
Posted: 2014-01-18 @ 4:21pm PT
I cannot perform my work on My apple since moving to Mavericks. Speadsheets from Filemaker Pro needs Rosetta BUT NO I have to use Filemaker on a PC to get them Thanks Apple! or is it Lemon?

Posted: 2014-01-16 @ 9:13pm PT
MISSING FILES: I’ve had files go missing (mostly documents and pictures that I’ve noticed so far), also a folder or just the file name – I’ve returned to a folder and the file icon will be there but the file has no name or extension.

MAIL DRAG & DROP: sometimes I can drag and drop attachments into and out of mail to / from folders. Very useful. Other times this is disabled and I can only save attachments by clicking on the paper clip and setting a path. Reset sometimes fixes the bug. I also have a similar issue with saving emails. Sometimes I can drag and drop emails into folder to save them. Other times I can’t. Sometimes I can save some emails and not others.

* Running on a brand new top of the range iMac.

Danille T.:
Posted: 2014-01-16 @ 7:33pm PT
After reading this, and other comments, I realize my hard drive failure on my macbook was because of the mavericks update. See, the hardrive was less than 6months old (had to replace the 4 year old one in it because of water damage). Loe and behold I updated to mavericks, and a few hours later I noticed it lagging. Thought nothing of it. Then when my computer wouldn’t even boot without help!! Ugh….well, I wanted a MacMini anyway, so I have that now, and an $80 month bill. Will not be upgrading this one!

Keith G:
Posted: 2014-01-16 @ 2:03am PT
Installed Mavericks on Macbook Pro 2011 hoping to improve working with our Windows Server network (which my old Powerbook would do much more efficiently than the MBP has ever done). Mavericks is a mule. Safari is unusable so now use Chrome. Mail is abyssmally slow, mail web content process hogs resources, Mail crashes regularly just attempting to print – everything is slower. Apple just seems to have released a sub-beta OS product with utterly inadequate testing and remedial support for important apps like Mail. I can no longer justify being a Mac user on our network and will have to move to a Windows machine, which is pretty damn disappointing. Apple is now crAPPLE in my view.

Posted: 2014-01-11 @ 6:45pm PT
I’ve had nothing but problems with Mavericks. Mountain Lion worked perfectly, install Mavericks and here’s the issues I ended up with.

• Random Exclamation mark on Wi-Fi menu bar and Wifi connection does not work, irregardless of what router. It connects but will not get an IP address. Very flaky.

• Networking using SMB to Windows systems slow and buggy. I read to try CIFS instead, works sporadically, very slow – sometimes takes a minute before it will authenticate.

• The CORD RDP application no longer functions at all. Forced to use the Microsot RDP application which was conveniently updated just before the release of Mavericks.

This Operating System is just way too buggy – especially the networking.

Posted: 2014-01-10 @ 11:04am PT
Don’t care for it. We use an external drive to save photos on, now I cannot place any pictures from the external into Indesign program. I use this function everyday all day long. But now I have to copy all photos onto hard drive just so I can place a photo.

Posted: 2014-01-10 @ 4:17am PT
Don’t upgrade to Mavericks unless you make sure time machine is backing up all of your system including applications. After installation there are ghost files from intego that prevent you from accessing the internet. Then your mail doesn’t work and you loose your contacts. I’ve reverted back to a backup and now the system keeps freezing. Especially using Microsoft office applications. This all updated as I hadn’t told the computer to not download updates automatically. Feeling very frustrated with Apple right now, have been a publishing user for twenty years! Not happy!

Posted: 2014-01-09 @ 1:07pm PT
I now have OS X 10.91.
I cannot use my Canon Canoscan 8400F, nor my Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer.
Apparently my Canoscan is “not connected’.
Yes,it is.
The Epson driver downloads, the installation is “successful”, but the “location” is missing, so it cannot be used.
Great stuff !
Regretfully, after being with the BBC B (several years),with Windows (couple of decades), then with Apple for three years, I upgraded to Mavericks. Mavericks is not the only disappointment.
Apple programs/methods are not as good as Windows in some ways. Excel. especially, is the tops.
I grieve and struggle on with what I’ve got.
Can’t afford to get rid of it.

Posted: 2014-01-09 @ 7:48am PT
I’m running 10.8.5, and have been mulling over the idea of upgrading. I had a feeling there would be more bugs than I cared for during launch considering the lack of a price tag, but here we are in January and all I find is negative reports. I rely on the stability of many programs, and without that – combined with mentioned issues such as scrolling and a general slowing of systems – I think I won’t be upgrading any time soon. I’m already disappointed in what iOS7 did to my iPad and it’s functionality.

Posted: 2014-01-08 @ 5:04pm PT
Mavericks sucks! It corrupted lots of my old Pages files, and also messed up some of my files in iMove. Hate the new Pages application – iWork ’09 was SO much better. Way to not go, Apple!

Old man Mike:
Posted: 2014-01-07 @ 3:32am PT
I run a 2012 mini with dvd and bluray drives connected through USB. Since upgrading (???) to Mavericks neither of these drives work together with my external hard drive for back ups. All back ups fail.
Surely this is a basic requirement of any system to be able to back up, load software from disc and to save work to disk. This failure has meant that I cannot complete the work which I am required to do.
Come on Apple. This is the sort of basic failure that one would have expected of the other well known system. If these problems, and others, which I have heard other users are experiencing are not addressed with urgency then it should come as no surprise when loyal Apple users start to use the dreaded Microsoft stuff.

Posted: 2014-01-04 @ 2:53pm PT
I sbsolutely HATE this Mac Air. My hard drive is full of duplicates. My imovies are ALL messed up after downloading maverick. The imovies were the one thing I really loved and now have lost precious precious movies! There is “corrupt” files on my hard drive I can’t remove. Need I go on…..Hate this machine. Can’t wait to go back to a PC. But this one cost so much I need to save. The ultimate upgrade! Yeah Right

Posted: 2014-01-04 @ 11:16am PT
I cannot print emails or any web content. The preview window would not show PDF document when selected so it prints out a blank page.
I downloaded & installed the Adobe reader app which asked if I would like to use the reader as the default or the preview window. Selecting the reader as default now allows me to print PDFs.

Posted: 2014-01-03 @ 2:00pm PT
It’s totally destroyed my mac.

Sheila Huxtable:
Posted: 2014-01-03 @ 9:51am PT
My computer became frozen while setting /downloading this OS X maverick . I have spent 3 days trying to fix my computer !!

Posted: 2014-01-02 @ 8:35am PT
I’m really saddened by what has happened in the Apple camp since Jobs left us. People say he could be a real pain in the butt but you know what, it made our lives easier. I think Apple is a victim of trying to rush things to market. I was always ok with Apple being a few months behind in some areas because when they did catch up their stuff worked better than anyone else’s.

Someone needs to take control and stop taking features away from us and forcing us to use unreliable software. There’s no excuse for Mail to not be working. No thanks. I’ll stick with 10.8

Leslie Burgess:
Posted: 2014-01-01 @ 9:55am PT
As a novice computer user I trusted Apple to get it right before launching a product. I thought that Mavericks was designed to smooth out faults and avoid problems. How wrong could I be. When they said “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” they should have told Apple. What was a great computer does what it likes now so Apple, “GET YOUR FINGER OUT!!”

Posted: 2013-12-31 @ 6:53pm PT
Upgraded this week to Mavericks. Mail app is horrible. I use a private hosted account on Serverpilot and rely on my IMAP accounts for business. Now I’m forced to resend all of my old emails to new clients, because I’m not sure they are actually receiving anything from me. Applications throughout the OS consistently crash at random times. I also relied heavily on the Notes features within Mac Mail 6. It’s now a standalone app which also crashes a lot (it should have been mentioned somewhere). What happened to Apple? Was Steve Jobs the only thing that kept Apple on track? Now that he’s gone, will Apple turn into another Microsoft?

Annette Flottwell:
Posted: 2013-12-31 @ 4:24pm PT
Struggling with mail – replaced -$15
CCcloner-update $12
DXo update $129
extra external HD $120
Still NOT stable.
Still messed up finder.
Still indexing without end each time I unplug.
I’m fed up. Apple user and programmer since 1986, really I could have done without this. How do I downgrade a MB retina 15″? Just bought it and still struggling after 4 weeks.
Have no intention to touch appstore!

Posted: 2013-12-30 @ 12:20pm PT
My HDD has crashed and needs replacing with new one. Can you advise how I can reinstall Mavericks onto the empty no OS new drive. I will not have internet access until system is up and running?

Posted: 2013-12-27 @ 1:11pm PT
Maverick made my whole System slow and unstable.
Downgraded instantly to 10.8.6 .
I was an Apple User since the APPLE II. But my patience now is gone. First the change to Intel. Had to sell my G5 after a while 🙁 (no Software Updates)
Then in 10.7 the lost of Rosetta. (PPC Software works anymore )
Think 10.6.8 is (was) still the best Apple System. 10.8.6 is not bad, but i don’t need this Facebook and Cloud Things. I look what happened next. Maybe my next System could be a Linux.

Posted: 2013-12-25 @ 12:31pm PT
Upgraded from 10.8.6 to 10.9.1 Maverick. I’m have big issues with multi monitors. Works only in some programs then I have to turn off mirror display, disconnect the HDMI cable & re-connect then the IMAC monitor works. I also always lose the mouse pointer on the top part of the monitor it just vanishes. 10.8.6 was much better.

Posted: 2013-12-25 @ 11:59am PT
Mavericks update has made scrolling down thru a page VERY haphazard. Scroll a bit, then suddenly jump to a previous page, for no reason. HATE it.

Mail is difficult to find.

Will go back to snow leopard.

Posted: 2013-12-23 @ 3:25pm PT
I have a macbook pro 2009 and I updated it to Mavericks and I regret every single day that I did that because my computer fans are very hot and louder than an airplane. The computer battery can’t last long anymore. This is horrible!

Posted: 2013-12-23 @ 12:50pm PT
My mail continues to indicate it is receiving or sending multiple emails when only 1 is being sent or received. Whats worse, I have had massive slow downs on most of my applications since installing Mavericks. Grrr

Posted: 2013-12-23 @ 11:54am PT
Osx mavericks is realy bad. All aplications crash all the time. I have installed 10.9.1 and it is a bit more stable but still a lot of program crashes very often. I have not installed it on my macbook air only on my imac. Mail crashes, imovie crashes, safari cannot be started at all, itunes crashes. This is apple unworthy.

Posted: 2013-12-22 @ 2:07am PT
Running Mavericks on a mid 2011 Mac Mini with 8gb of ram. Runs most excellent and very fast. No issues whatsoever.

Posted: 2013-12-20 @ 8:02pm PT
Mavericks sucks so bad. Now I hate my mac. It crashes all the time in safari, mail, chrome, microsoft office – you name it. I even fear now that my typing this message will be in vain because my mac could crash at any moment. And I have a recent vintage macbook pro retina – not an old machine. Windows, I may be coming back soon!

Posted: 2013-12-20 @ 11:48am PT
Installed 10.9 on two Imacs (mid-2010 & mid-2011) 2011 no major problems. 2010 however has a fan problem – all fans run at full speed all the time. Reset SMC & PRAM – no luck. Finally installed Macs Fan Control app to control the fans manually. I down loaded 10.9.1 hoping it would fix the fan problem but no luck . Still have to use the software to control the fans. I been using Macs as my primary computers since 1985. While I use Windows at work, I will not switch for personal use. Apple needs to fix this problem.

John Cummings:
Posted: 2013-12-20 @ 6:44am PT
I actually think you have been quite kind to Mavericks. I downloaded it and my iMac was so slow it almost stopped. So, I did a clean install which helped matters. Mow my iMac is only 50% slower than it was pre-Mavericks, iPhoto takes forever to open, I have literally hundreds of file permissions clashes that will not clear whatever I run to do so (as is the case with a lot of users) and photo handling generally is throwing up a lot of anomalies. All-in-all pretty crap but that is standard with Apple’s new releases these days.

Gerald Olthuis:
Posted: 2013-12-20 @ 12:34am PT
I’m a professional Mac user since Classic.. Now with 20 employees working on a iMac running Maverick, Apple really pisses me off.
This is the worst UI by far. It’s slow, loaded with bugs, no scrolling, crashes, etc. There’s something terrible wrong with Apple! Bye bye Mac… this is the end for a visionary company. RIP Steve.

Rob Colgate:
Posted: 2013-12-16 @ 2:09pm PT
I believe a Global Law Action Suit is granted. The amount of human hours, worldwide, wasted trying to overcome the problems generated after the installation of Maverick has to be significant. Add this to my adoption of iOS 7 on my iphone 4, and I am, for the first time, considering leaving my Mac Book Pro and iPhones behind and switching back to 2 alternative devices with MICROSOFT. (my Ipad 2 has tolerated reasonably well the “upgrade”).

Posted: 2013-12-16 @ 10:25am PT
Apple Mail: Sent mail and trashed mail at home (10.9) no longer appear in my Apple Mail at work (10.6.8), and vice versa. This is very inconvenient. Also hate the way the Mail Downloads folder creates intermediate unlabeled folders, and the way trash accumulates dozens of intermediate “draft” entries.

Posted: 2013-12-15 @ 3:19am PT
It is really frustrating to have to restart my mac two or three times a day with Maverick. And this is not even opening the Mail app which makes it worst.
Wonder when they will come up with an update to fix this, before everybody goes back to Mountain Lion.

Posted: 2013-12-14 @ 11:33pm PT
Wow — it’s reassuring, in a way, to see that I’m not the only one having these problems. Looks like it’s time to sell my Apple stock too.

Posted: 2013-12-14 @ 4:51pm PT
I want to get rid of mavericks because i cant use word or exel entourage anything microsoft related

John P:
Posted: 2013-12-13 @ 1:19am PT
Mavericks has made me switch back to pc. I loved apple how everything worked so well together and how easy and fast everything was. Then Mavericks came along and made my 2011 MBP and my 2012 iMac glitchy and slow. I have read about many people that have had the same problems. No wonder it was free. I have literally switched back to PC and I will say Windows 8.1 runs like my Apple used to and also faster. When my contract is up with my iPhone I will go to windows 8 phone as well. Apple is going down hill and if they don’t do something about it they wont be able to ride on there name anymore.

Posted: 2013-12-12 @ 4:32pm PT
I can’t process raw images on my Apple laptop unless they are changed to tiff/jpg.When opening the raw files more than half the screen turns black in i-photo and lightroom 5

Posted: 2013-12-11 @ 4:38pm PT
@oldmachand linux isn’t that much better right now. Win8 is a POS, and the linux camps are splintering far to much right now as well.

Posted: 2013-12-11 @ 8:08am PT
I’ve been with mac since 1986, was a software engineer for Apple, am developing for the web and wouldn’t touch a PC if my life depended on it… but I’m totally disgusted with Apple. If only people would start developing more serious software for Linux I’d be over in a shot.

Some people who do not complain about OS X since Snow Leopard are new to mac or low key users. ANYONE who uses a mac as a serious tool just wants to scream at Apple. It’s not coincidental that everything started going to hell as soon as Jobs had to leave his leadership role.

Moron engineers at Apple are dumbing things down and putting in features nobody cares about or uses.

In Snow Leopard, as a very small example… you could size a finder window anyway you wanted (even very small for a laptop) and it was remembered… now you are stuck to some huge size decided for you and it’s almost never the same when you reopen the window.

Yes, that seems trivial but it’s the kind of attention to detail Steve Jobs insisted on for Apple… gone. I thought Lion and Mt Lion were just learning curves and Mavericks would have cleared up things, but now you can’t even open an FLV movie in the finder… the single most popular codex for movies online.

Apple’s day is… simply stated… over. It left with Steve and has fallen into the hands of marketing morons rather than productivity engineers.

I’m taking a hard look at Linux again… ANYONE who comes up with a reasonable replacement for OS X (and of course windoze) will make an absolute fortune at this point.

Posted: 2013-12-10 @ 11:59am PT
Many issues with OS 10.9…. Mac Mail does not connect properly. Sometimes more than one click is necessary. I have two screens. Windows between the screens disappear then reappear on the other window. You can’t straddle both screens with a window.

Posted: 2013-12-10 @ 6:24am PT
To Apple:
Why did you mess with it?

Posted: 2013-12-08 @ 6:11pm PT
I continue to have nothing but problems since “upgrading” to Mavericks. I have reinstalled multiple times and even that did not help. Apparently, there are 100’s of problems, as posted by so many, and still no 10.91 fix released must reflect their trying to fix many, many problems. Really, nothing is working right. I feel like an idiot for installing…

TJ Rich:
Posted: 2013-12-06 @ 11:40pm PT
Folks, I hear so many of you saying I see a PC in my future, which honestly cracks me up. Are you guys NUTS? EVERY Computer and Operating System has its issues, but C’mon. A PC in your future???

Obviously you haven’t used a PC either EVER! or in a very long time!!! Microsoft’s way of making their software more secure is to lock YOUR ASS out of it. Yes I said YOUR ASS. EVEN if you are the system administrator, you’ll find yourself locked out of things that will leave you begging for the issues you’ve been having with your Mac.

I’m sorry, but I’ve supported PCs professionally for over 25years and for the past 5 years Macs and PCs. And there is NO comparison. The Mac blows away the PC in damn near EVERY Category.

I really wonder why you are all having so many problems. The ratings on Mavericks has been outstanding, and my experience so far, has been very good as well.

I’ve jumped from Snow Leopard to Mavericks and am seriously enjoying the new operating system’s features.

It makes me wonder if folks aren’t aware of the system requirements for the new Operating System. Before you upgrade, make sure your system has the resources required and you’ll be a lot better off. Even Lion took WAY more resources than Snow Leopard.

Anyway, that’s just my .02 on the subject.

Posted: 2013-12-06 @ 8:36pm PT
They should have started naming the new operating systems after tires as I spend most of my time watching a spinning wheel or choppy iTunes video or simply trying to shutdown a stuck app. iTunes and Mavericks blows.

Posted: 2013-12-06 @ 11:47am PT
I think they should get rid of the cloud being necessary in order to sync the computer (Mavericks) with the iPhone.

Greg in Portland:
Posted: 2013-12-04 @ 2:44am PT
I’m just having issue after issue with Mavericks. Now the dock quit working, and that’s a real bummer having to reboot or type in the apps you are using in the finder to get back to them. Keyboard is really slow (many complaints) to the point of being unusable. Other stuff services Like ISOF and ‘distnoited’ randomly start up and start hogging all the CPU time and cause the whole thing to stall.

I’ve noticed even Apple applications like Final Cut 7, Soundtrack Pro, Aperture and Adobe Acrobat Pro are unstable and crash continually. Many complain of older versions of popular and current Apple software are reported to be incompatible or buggy.

Also, it appears you can’t roll back to Mountain Lion after installing Mavericks, Clean install only or restore only.

Apple is really loosing it now that Microsoft has lost it, but while Windows was a pain at least the basic interface usually worked.

After 5 years with two Macs I’m seriously thinking about going back to Windows. Good thing Macs run Windows better then most PCs

Jimmy in Palm Springs:
Posted: 2013-12-02 @ 7:52pm PT
I “upgraded” to Maverick (if one can indeed call it an upgrade???) from Mountain Lion on my 10 month old iMac the same week I downloaded the new IOS 7.0.4 system to my somewhat older iPhone. Both systems have been disastrous… many functions incredibly slow, jumpy screens, scroll functions not working consistently, Calendar app (on both devices) more unstable & full of bugs than before (despite the enhanced features), various functions on iWorks apps that I liked & used regularly now gone, etc, etc. I’m far from bein’ a techie and have found virtually no simple solutions to these multiple issues on the Apple Support webpages, so guess I’m gonna to have to make another 40 mile round trip to the Apple Store’s in-person assistance counter. I’m simply sharing my experience here in empathy over similar problems others have apparently experienced. I’ve been a Mac user & fan for 23 years, but alas, I am truly done with Apple products. I wasn’t happy when Apple obsolesced my 4 year old iMac Power PC (that still worked great) by eliminating MobileMe and making iCloud inaccessible to non-intel duo or quad processor machines. I bit the bullet with that, and bought a new iMac I didn’t need, but felt compelled to buy to keep my devices syncing. In just a little over a year after upgrading to a 2011 iMac, the machine had created & caused so many problems that Apple found it more prudent to replace it with another, newer iMac with Mountain Lion. Thank God for Apple (extended) Care Protection, since the 2011 machine died literally 2 days after the 1 yr. warranty was up. Still, it cost me to buy some new peripherals that would work more optimally with Mountain Lion. Now, Apple has foisted Maverick (and IOS 7.0.4) on us, both loaded with bugs that seem to have no easy resolution. I, too, may switch back to Mountain Lion on my iMac, but this will be my very last Apple computer. All the various companies may present issues & problems, but Apple products are just too dang expensive to put up with the crap. My iPhone is going in the trash after the first of the year, and I’ll be buying some other manufacturer’s smart phone. It may not sync with iCloud, but my life isn’t so complicated that it warrants all the complications presented by the not-so-seemless syncing of Apple products. Personally, I could go back to a computer not linked to the cloud at all & a corded landline phone if I had to. Life’s too short for so much complication & hassle!

Posted: 2013-12-02 @ 2:06pm PT
@Matt and everyone else caught off guard by the new treatment of AVCHD folder as a file (viewer). an easy slap yourself in the face solution to it is to simply show package content, then show package content on BDMV and voila. all your files.

Posted: 2013-12-02 @ 7:19am PT
My Macbook Pro with an extra monitor connected with mini DVI port. I had Photoshop tools and menus on my laptop and the photos on the extra screen. When I was fixing a photo, the extra monitor showed some weird behavior, so I decided to save my work. It was amazing my laptop went into freezing and finally it went off, It restarted but it did not pass through the Apple sign and the small gray wheel. I tried to use HD Recovery and it was the same. Finally I solved it using the “T” Target mode with another Imac. Is it possible to solve it.

Posted: 2013-12-02 @ 3:34am PT
Hear that noise?
It’s Steve Jobs, rolling over!

Posted: 2013-12-01 @ 11:06pm PT
I think the name Mavericks is very appropriate as more people crash on that wave, usually with not good endings, seems Apple Mavericks is following the same trend.

Posted: 2013-12-01 @ 4:19pm PT
I think both Mavericks and iOS 7 are disastrous. Yes, they each have a few things that I like, but there are multiple, very serious issues with both that continue to cost me significantly in productivity. I keep thinking they will issue fixes any time now, but am considering reverting to Mountain Lion and would revert to iOS 6, if it were possible. I can’t wait much longer.

Steve no Job:
Posted: 2013-12-01 @ 12:45pm PT
I think it s CRAP. Time to sell apple shares.

Posted: 2013-11-29 @ 11:28pm PT
Sorry to hear so many people having problems. My experience so far has been excellent. I was kind of forced into an upgrade due to HD problems on my laptop, so I upgraded the HD to a SSD and now the 2011 Macbook Pro is working better than ever, and previously it wasn’t bad with 10.6.8. My desktop is not as good — my dual display video card isn’t working. I don’t like the change in Apple Mail from 10.6.8 to 10.9. Other things, such as the push for iCloud/always being online are really annoying, but that’s the trend across all the big companies these days. My students with new laptops and Mavericks have had few problems, other than the nonsense with AVCHD folders being treated like a single file and the Quicktme player being the worst ever. I am thankful for VLC player and that I still can run Quicktime 7!

Posted: 2013-11-28 @ 7:30pm PT
I spent $2400 on a juiced up new iMac. I used it for 3 days, with an external display. No problem. Then I upgraded to mavericks and the external screen became my main screen and imac went black. It took 2 weeks to fix. Then I got it back and after a day it died, it won’t turn on. I didnt even plug in the external monitor because I was paranoid. I’m super annoyed with Apple now. They won’t give me a new imac and I’m stuck with this broken thing that I have to get fixed again.

John F:
Posted: 2013-11-28 @ 8:59am PT
Am very tempted to go back to Mountain Lion. It was a slick system with almost no crashes or other problems. Mavericks looks neat but is so slow – yes -really. I spend so much time looking at the spinning wheel and restarting that I can’t use it for anything much. Luckily I still have an old laptop running Windows 8.1 and it is proving more reliable than my MacBook Pro – there I’ve said it. Sorry Apple – if you are really trying to use Mavericks for ‘proper computing” forget it.

Mr. Dan:
Posted: 2013-11-27 @ 6:08pm PT
For the first time ever I’ve decided to reinstall the previous version (ML) from backup. Mavericks is a huge step back. Moving around in PDF files in Preview now sucks. Automator calendar tasks don’t work any more. My Automator/AppleScript service to convert Pages files to PDF now crashes Pages randomly. The file colors in Finder are gone (now just a small dot). Quicklook (space bar) cannot play my .mp4 files any more. And my iMac can’t even go to sleep! Going to sleep tages ages, and often fails. Almost EVERYTHING that I use my Mac for on a daily basis has been negatively affected by Mavericks. Back to ML! And this might also be the first step away from OS/X for me. I don’t trust it any more.

Posted: 2013-11-27 @ 12:37pm PT
Been a mac user since 1987, but I’m liking what microsoft are doing these day

Posted: 2013-11-27 @ 8:06am PT
The “upgrade” to Mavericks has been an absolutely horrible experience. Horrible. Been a Mac user since 1985. But now it may be time to replace Mac with a Win7 machine. Sad that Microsoft, who essentially pirated OSX, makes a better OS now than the originator does with their Mavericks debacle. Really, really sad.

Not Important:
Posted: 2013-11-26 @ 7:03pm PT
I upgraded to Mavericks and I regret it to my very bone marrow. I use Finder’s colored label features every day. EVERY day. I’m currently scouring the internet for a copy of Mountain Lion so I can revert. Will never upgrade OS X again.

Posted: 2013-11-26 @ 2:04pm PT
Like everybody else here (except of course for the Mac fanboys who’d rather die than ever criticize Dear Apple – and I mean that literally, not figuratively) I have had an average of 4 crashes per day since installing Mavericks, memory just vanishing to God-knows-where, CPU working so hard my fan can barely keep up with it, slow file loads on my SSD drive (I may as well not even upgraded to SSD), and more.

The main frustration I have is that, as a guy who’s been working professionally with computers since they became available, I can’t even explain why these things are happening!

If the problems only happened when I, say, had multiple large Photoshop files open or was running memory intensive applications simultaneously, I could at least get my head around it. But I’ve had my system crash when all I had open was TextEdit and Finder!

Prior to installing Mavericks, my Macbook had crashed exactly ZERO times – and I use the Heck out of this thing. Since installing, as I said above, I’m averaging 4 crashes a day. ALL under completely different and unpredictable circumstances.

I don’t even know what to specifically complain to Apple about because the crashes occur so randomly.

People installed Mavericks for two main reasons. First, because it was free. Everybody is attracted to free stuff. But second, because we trusted Apple and its “It Just Works” record.

Apple has betrayed that trust with Mavericks. Tim Cook and pals are gonna have a hard time getting it back.

Sorry, fanboys, but Post-Jobs Apple is going the way of Post-Gates Microsoft.

Posted: 2013-11-26 @ 12:15pm PT
The latest OS update has made me realize that Mac is no longer “Mac”. The stability that I associated with a Mac in the past is no more. The technical help is only good for a short time and then one is back in the unstable Mac world. I see a PC in my future.

Robin Howton:
Posted: 2013-11-26 @ 7:41am PT
Since I downloaded Mavericks, I have found that if my modem is active, the mouse does not track across the screen without hesitating ever 10-20mm… It really is a pain.

Posted: 2013-11-25 @ 2:50pm PT
One article said: Mavericks is for free, what do you expect?

In my opinion, you get what you paid for: a master plan for moving people to iCloud. Give us your data, get more dependent…

I guess we have to learn not to update without proofing. Buying a second drive and installing updates there – just to be sure that paying nothing does not mean to loose – could be a good plan.

Posted: 2013-11-25 @ 6:55am PT
The way the colored tags are applied to files and folders is stupid and an unnecessary change. On the previous OS if you tagged a folder or file red for instance, the entire name would be red which made that file or folder very easy to spot among many other uncolored files and folders. Now, for some unknown reason, you only get a stupid round colored dot to the left of the file or folder if it’s on the desktop and to the right if it’s in a window with columns. If your window view is set to columns, the wider you have the columns set the further away the stupid dot is from the folder or file name. This makes it much harder to spot these files and folders compared to actually applying the tag color to the file or folder name as it was done in the previous OS versions dating way back. It’s a dumb, unnecessary change. Apple is losing it.

Phil C.:
Posted: 2013-11-25 @ 6:02am PT
Big mistake.
Every time I download anything to update, it is like downloading malware from China. This and the new iWork’s is terribly messed up.

Posted: 2013-11-24 @ 12:16pm PT
It is great in many ways but I’ve lost most of my I cal and having a nightmare getting it back, any help would be great???

Dave B:
Posted: 2013-11-24 @ 9:56am PT
Hugely disappointed with Maverick, my MBP never cashed in 3 years of constant use and abuse, now it bombs on a daily basis and takes ages to re boot, the connection to appletv constantly breaks down too. Looks like Bill Gates managed this release my mac has never performed more like a windows box, come on Apple get it right, just because it is free doesn’t mean it can be crap!!!!

Jean from Canada:
Posted: 2013-11-23 @ 3:55pm PT
Updated a mid2009 macbook pro and a 2013 macbook air with no issues at all. On the 2009 mabook pro (from Snow) the system is a little bit slower while using a Virtual machine, otherwise perfect! Longer battery life, Iwork and Aperture got upgraded for free. Mail is different, but working fine.

Posted: 2013-11-23 @ 11:49am PT
It works, upgrade went well – but it reboots (kernel panic) now and again. Never did that before the upgrade. Wish I had waited 🙁

Posted: 2013-11-23 @ 10:34am PT
Upgraded to Maverick on 8 Nov 2013. MBP 2008 2.5GHz, 6 Gb ram and 250Gb SSD. Up until the upgrade my usage was 400Mb – 600Mb daily. I had no problems with the installation. With only a 50Gb limit for the month, I have only ever reached 30Gb once. All of a sudden, my daily usage goes to 4Gb – 6Gb. In six days, I went through 37Gb. As I am only a basic user this was horrific (was my machine reporting back to someone / somewhere).

Long story short, spoke with Apple Support (excellent). Backed up essential information (mail, photos, holiday video, music & safari bookmarks) to an external HD. I then reformatted the SSD and reinstalled Maverick. I was then walked through where to put my old files in the new system.

Up until today, 24 Nov, my machine is running faultlessly, stable with no problems that others are suffering. Battery usage increased for the first 3 days and now gives at least 30% – 40% extra time.

Do yourself and machine a favour and upgrade to a totally clean install.

Posted: 2013-11-23 @ 10:09am PT
I have a MacBook pro 15″ retina late 2012. When running Mountain Lion it was a stable and good computer. After upgrading to Mavericks, it freezes several time each day. I’m having problems with Skype, Chrome and mail. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to Mavericks before they have fixed the bugs. I can’t see why Apple had to release such an unfinished operating system. I haven’t had as many problems since I was using Windows ME (Millennium Edition 13 years ago).

Posted: 2013-11-22 @ 11:50pm PT
Mavericks takes about 5 times longer to start up and about 10 times longer to shut down! The new behaviour of the power button is very confusing. And why did they have to remove the spin arrows from scrollbars? This makes scrolling in applications like Logic, etc. very annoying! I don’t like the new feature Quit and Keep Windows at all. Some applications can’t deal with it and crash. Finder doesn’t reliably remember the display settings of a folder, it sometimes just resets them to what it thinks is better. All in all, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF MAVERICKS until they’ve fixed these issues!!!

Jim T:
Posted: 2013-11-22 @ 9:12pm PT
After the updates, it still sucks. It’s worse than Windows Vista. My laptop freezes constantly. Most of the time, the only fix is to pull the battery. How convenient. Not only does it take forever to boot up, it continually freezes. What moron tested and released this product?

Posted: 2013-11-22 @ 7:55am PT
The [….] just freezes on me about 5 times a day, but otherwise it’s perfectly fine. Thanks a bundle, Apple engineers, for rolling out such an incredible piece of [….]. Can you think twice next time you are too cheap to run some basic tests before shipping?

Posted: 2013-11-21 @ 9:33pm PT
Horrible new OS, just horrible. Seems like Apple is trying its best to emulate Microsoft by creating a system that gets in the way of getting the work done… which leaves me wondering why use a Mac anymore at all. I don’t know why they had to remove options such as opening folders in a new folder! Geesh. Hate it. Really, really HATE IT.

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 7:42pm PT
WOW! I’ve had it easy! My MBP 17 works awesome! I don’t use mail. But my battery life has never been better! Thanks Apple! My other two macs have worked better as well. Nothing but blue skies and sunshine!

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 3:12pm PT
I’ve been using macs since 1989, this is the worst system release I’ve ever encountered. Got lulled into a false sense of security and installed Mavericks without waiting for a couple of updates. 4 of my system prefs won’t ‘hold’, mail is totally useless. I haven’t had to force start a machine freeze since owning this machine – until now, I’m experiencing at least 3 a day. Constantly checking out the App Store for updates – Nothing… Grrr

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 1:49pm PT
Yup, not ready for prime time. Battery life on my MBA dropped over 50%, USB flash drive now writes so slow it is unusable.

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 8:02am PT
Terrible release – totally not ready, more like an early Beta. Quark crashes when moving a text box. PDF files print garbage on HP printers – If you haven’t upgraded DELAY until the real release comes out.

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 6:34am PT
I hate Mavericks! I can’t open any of my word 2011 docs and the computer won’t recognize the program. Spent the past 3 days trying everything on the support posts.

Posted: 2013-11-20 @ 5:42am PT
I want my money back! Oh wait, this is the problem with “free”… I will no longer accept free products from Apple.

Posted: 2013-11-19 @ 9:35am PT
Congratulations, Apple — My iMac crashed for the very first time in two years after installing Mavericks. It is as much of a “maverick” as John McCain.

ariesfire1, green bay,WI:
Posted: 2013-11-18 @ 12:11am PT
I owned Apple Products for many years and was happy with them. I don’t think Steve Jobs would have let this OS roll out.

Mavericks and iTunes 11 are the worse updates in Apple’s history. I pay for a podcast and can’t even get it. It “asks for the password” about 5 times and than locks up. Most of my programs run slower than ever, gmail dosn’t work in my mail app anymore. But these are only a few problems I’ve noticed.

2011 imac i5 12 gigs ram TB hd

kds1212 hou, tx:
Posted: 2013-11-17 @ 8:19pm PT
Installed Maverick Nov 10 and only have 1 bug for my usage. It seems that every time I turn off my 42 in TV screen that I use as a monitor with HDMI the desktop pic defaults to the green wave screen. Have not tried with 2nd monitor yet as I put the other monitor back to my pc. Other than that annoying problem all seems ok for my usage. My mail works fine.

I have multiple email accounts and the contacts, mail, and calendars all sync no problems.

Had a few things that I had to reenable as I downloaded Boom to increase the sound and that was disabled. Have to relaunch the app again every login, but all is well.

Aussie Ian:
Posted: 2013-11-17 @ 4:33am PT
I have a late 2013 Mac Pro 15″ and after installing Maverick it now freezes intermittently for no apparent reason. This is my first Apple in over 25 years and I now understand the Apple adoption of the old IBM client “lock in” in terms of using any non Apple tools or equip. Bad move Apple, didn’t work for IBM, won’t work for you; all you will do is alienate your clients and spawn clever competitors. Although the Mac Pro is a nice machine, I won’t be buying another Apple product: I have no desire to be forced into using the cloud to perform simple tasks.

Posted: 2013-11-16 @ 1:16pm PT
My Mac has not been the same with Mavericks!!! It has taken over my trackpad!!!!

George in NY:
Posted: 2013-11-15 @ 8:48am PT
Disappointed, on desktop Magic Pad now useless takes over and does what it wants. Whole machine seems so much slower than before. Scanning with HP no longer works, have to use preview.

Posted: 2013-11-13 @ 9:20am PT
Killed my Time Machine

Posted: 2013-11-12 @ 1:00pm PT
Maverick, don’t bother. It may be free but it is not free of bugs. Terrible.

Posted: 2013-11-12 @ 5:19am PT
Maverick is just awful.
I cannot count the number of freezes and bugs.

Posted: 2013-11-11 @ 1:15pm PT
iTunes doesn’t work on MacBook Pro I tried Mareriks on . .

Allen Ball:
Posted: 2013-11-11 @ 10:37am PT
I have Adobe Creative Suite Cs3. It was operating properly with Lion. I installed Mavericks, now I cannot print from InDesign and Illustrator. Not Good!!!

Posted: 2013-11-10 @ 12:08am PT
The WORST Mac OS update. It blows my mind how they possibly could have messed it up as bad as they did. Don’t install Mavericks if you haven’t already.

Posted: 2013-11-09 @ 1:48pm PT
I’m still on Snow Leopard, on my 2007 17″ iMac. I did not upgrade to Lion because half my production software would cease to function. I have watched upgrade after upgrade add stuff that I will never use. Luckily when I looked at Mavericks a month ago it said that Mavericks would not load on my system.

An example of the problems:

I have the iPad 2, using the white cable only, and the latest upgrade to GarageBand 2.0 wiped out my ability to play my own music, and demanded that I buy those features again. I was able to force the older version back on my system.

I had most of the e-book reading software loaded on my iPad: Kobo, Nook, etc…. I could read my e-books “offline” without needing an internet connection. Suddenly I have to sign in to an internet account to read the e-books I already have, yet I have no internet connection on my iPad.

Lines are starting to appear on my 17″ iMac, so at some point I will have to replace my system. Can anyone recommend a good replacement computer and operating system that I should buy next year.

John Turner:
Posted: 2013-11-09 @ 7:43am PT
The other nuance to Mavericks is that you can no longer locally Sync your Macs and iOS devices, you are forced to use iCloud for this purpose, No choice, Apple way or Highway.

Joe Sireno:
Posted: 2013-11-08 @ 2:59pm PT
Been running my business on Macs for 20 years. Was the first to own every model since the beginning. They have a serious problem with this OS. It is not ready, tt is not safe, and it does not deliver on any of the key features that differentiate is from OS 10.8x. I hate to say this because you can see that Tim and the team are trying – but this is simply not Steve’s Apple anymore and perhaps it’s foolish to expect it could be with mounting competitive pressures. Sadly, so far, this OS is worth what I paid for it and I have sent out a communications to all employees, colleagues and friends not to install it and to roll back to 10.8 if they have ESPECIALLY if the are using WD external drives. It’s always sad to see something like this fail when you know they’ve given it their best…

Posted: 2013-11-08 @ 12:29pm PT
Guys.. they are beta-testing their new OS. Saves lot of money for them in testing. Once they refine it,they can put a price tag and start making money.

Posted: 2013-11-08 @ 7:37am PT
After a week of battling with the problems with Mavericks, I am restoring my MBP and iMac to OSX 10.8
Upgrading (or was it downgrading) to Mavericks was a big time wasting mistake. I am starting to wonder if my next laptop should be a Mac or not!

Posted: 2013-11-07 @ 5:47am PT
Problems with bluetooth in general plays havoc with magic mouse and iPhone tethering. Some crashes with 3rd party vpn and sluggish RDP networking as well. For some reason shutting down seems to take a lot longer than it used to as well.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 7:52pm PT
The Dock has reverted to one color, gray and only has 2D effects at the bottom. The Finder will not work at all at time for applications needing to open files/folder content. It just hangs until you reboot. Apple Mail shuts down constantly, for no reason. Thunderbird won’t save attachments under Mavericks, with Finder failure. The reason it’s free, is obvious…you get what you pay for.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 7:29pm PT
I am SO glad that I haven’t taken the Mavericks update.

The ability to sync calendar, contacts, etc. using a USB cable has been disabled in Mavericks. For a whole bunch of reasons (security, Australian privacy law, my company’s privacy and data protection policies, choice, operating in a place with no internet access, etc.) I cannot and will not accept what Apple has done with Mavericks.

What is Apple thinking? How can they degrade a product I have bought, and expect me to be happy?

I’ve had it with Apple – trust is broken. There was an iTunes update yesterday. Usually I would just robotically install it. Not anymore. Research required. What functionality has Apple deleted this time? What new and interesting ways have they found to make my life harder.

I’ve got 2 MacBooks, 1 iMac, three iPads, three iPhones, Apple TV and any number of iPods.

But that’s the end of the road for me.

I accept that OSX (and IOS) are over for me.

Time to look around and spend my money elsewhere.

And to think, I used to be such a promoter (even an apologist) for Apple.

Apple isn’t for the user anymore …

The scales have fallen from my eyes.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 4:18pm PT
After the rock like stability of Mountain Lion and good dependability over the last three years Mavericks is a serious disappointment. I have a standard late 2009 27″ iMac with no add-ons. It now regularly freezes on log-out and needs a reboot to restart. Some third party software is now not working as well. Seems Apple are matching software standards to Microsoft now. Not impressed

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 1:39pm PT
Just had problem with keychain even though not using it. In effect it locked down imac-had to call for tech assist. Had to remove keychain alpha numerical file from FOL DER and move to desktop.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 12:43pm PT
No sound when playing video on a 2nd monitor. Disappointing.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 11:34am PT
Until Apple Mail is fixed, group mail is possible by right clicking the group name in contacts then select “Send e-mail to…” from the sub-menu

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 11:26am PT
VERY DISAPPOINTED. Mail might as well not exist. Unresponsive hyperlinks/mouseovers – lots of problems. I’ve had to temporarily move to using Opera and Thunderbird. Safari problems, Quicktime with more than one window open becomes unresponsive. It’s a beta test.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 10:17am PT
I got a new MBP that came with 10.8. I played around with it for a while, installed my dev toolkits, editors, players and then decided to update to Mavericks… everything still works, only better in many cases, including Mail, Messages, Facetime, and Cloud support. Sounds like I should count myself lucky but the improved features make it worth it for me. Hopefully you all get your problems resolved soon.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 8:25am PT
I have a number of problems: Mail quite often cancels shut down and will not quit, so I have to force quit; TimeMachine appears quiet unusable at the moment as I am not able to select files to restore; in addition when I try to access it on the main monitor, I get a huge black square covering most of the screen – the only way I can do it at all is to move the dock to the second monitor – and I STILL can’t select files to restore! Very unsatisfactory. Definitely the worst upgrade I have ever done. I suppose you get what you pay for.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 7:44am PT
I’ll add another problem that I haven’t seen mentioned. With Mavericks it is no longer possible to sync contacts and calendar via iTunes with a cable.

Now you can ONLY sync calendar and contacts via iCloud. Which means, in my family, instead of having a single Apple id that the whole family uses to buy music and movies, we now each need or own Apple id – just so we can keep our contacts and calendars separate.

And the calendar entries stored on the phone didn’t push to iCloud. They would only show up on iCloud if I opened each calendar entry separately.

Wished I’d never “up”graded to Mavericks.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 6:33am PT
My MBP ran slow for a week, then just died. Could not start it up, it would crash randomly I installed NOTHING, changed NOTHING. I had to restore from Time Machine and now Mountain Lion runs freely. Mavericks is worth it’s tag price: ZERO. We miss you Steve.

Posted: 2013-11-06 @ 4:12am PT
G-Mail Problems For Sure—Now I Use A Alternate Program—Thanks Alot

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 11:58pm PT
Installed 10.9 on my Mac Pro 2008 with 4 monitors works much better than 10.8. I am very happy with the upgrade. I haven’t had a problem. Multi monitor support is much better. I can’t understand the problems that others are writing about, Maverick is much better than any version of Lion.

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 9:38pm PT
After installing mavericks nothing related to jpg files works anymore. All of my other applications simply cannot identify jpg’s. Even dropbox can’t see them!

I tried upgrading all of my other software but nothing works. Funny though – all the same applications running in parallels work fine and recognize the jpgs.

I am right now reinstalling LION as Mavericks is just too frustrating. BAD APPLE

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 4:07pm PT
Problems with reading list not going away and also my iPad with the Maverick download opens upside down and reverts to correct position when an app is opened. Not bad if I can read upside down!

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 3:33pm PT
With OS 10.9, saving Word 14.3.8 docx documents into PDF reverses the page order of the document, making the PDF worthless!

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 2:12pm PT
8gb of RAM on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010 and Maverick makes it bog… hard.

Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 7:28am PT
So I plug in my external hard drive to make a backup of some files….
And now I can’t write to the external hard drive.

Can’t drag/drop…get the bar/circle.


Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 5:59am PT
Had no issues with Mavericks until I downloaded an update to a security program from my bank. Programs that I had open kept open and closing. Preventing me from using my computer. I had to reinstall Mavericks and not install the update to my bank.

Jurek Rzepecki:
Posted: 2013-11-05 @ 5:57am PT
I was more or less forced to upgrade from Snow Leopard, and have lost many features I liked, just as b****y well it was free! However, it is working properly though my iMac. Takes twice as long now to wake up from a standing start.

Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 8:48pm PT
As result of upgrading to the new Mavericks OS, I think I’ve lost ALL of my iMovie projects, I have muted sound on some sites, also lost ability to mirror to TV through HDMI switch box. Great!! I should have listened to my bro and waited. Not happy…

Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 4:29pm PT
I hope they fix Mail soon. I don’t even use Gmail and my Mail app hasn’t functioned at all well since I upgraded. Takes forever for messages to appear, some messages never appear, I can’t delete messages and it is very difficult to move messages from one folder to another (some make the trip; others do not).

Wish I had not upgraded.

Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 8:22am PT
Really? Problems with a newly launched os, how is that possible? That never happened before. Well folks, this is basically standard with every new launch so don’t worry, it will be solved like always. Just be sure to always make a backup before upgrading if you want to be safe. But to say it’s terrible, come on, is this the first time you used a computer?

Lin Feller:
Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 7:46am PT
Running 2007 iMac with Mavericks. Only problem seems to be bringing up hard disk content in finder. Takes a while. Other than that, running fine. No download problems either. For those who are unhappy with Mavericks, don’t you have a “super duper” back up copy of your hard disk to go back to?

R J Francis:
Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 5:40am PT
It’s TERRIBLE. Uploaded it last week onto a MBPro with 4GB memory and it’s just killed it stone dead. Everything takes forever to load and I really want to drop back down to Mountain Lion again. If your machine is running Mountain Lion well – DO NOT upgrade to Mavericks – it’s just TERRIBLE.

Posted: 2013-11-04 @ 4:11am PT
Tried to install on a 2010 MacBook, and it completely froze, wouldn’t restart. Managed to restore last backup from Time Machine, so now I’m back to Lion, which I’m happy with — except I don’t think I’ll be able to sync new iPhone (and my old one has decided to let me hear callers only through earbuds).

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 5:38pm PT
Apple Snow Leopard, just a short time ago, was still 25% of all Apple computers online. There is a reason for that.

First, Apple failed to give SL users drivers for solid state drives. Still they didn’t upgrade. Huh.

Lion and ML threw a lot of what people liked about SL under the bus. So Apple decided to cut Snow Leopard off at the knees and now has failed to upgrade Java from 6 to 7. So Java 7 based code has already started giving SL users grief. Broken functionality with FireFox, etc. So they are slowly forcing people to move to a new OS, weather they like it or not, just so their computers will continue to work.

It’s not that SL users love Mavericks, it’s just that they aren’t left with much choice with Lion and ML as the alternatives. You pick the least terrible replacement and roll the dice.

Big difference.

Many don’t want to used iCloud either. They don’t want their personal information stored on some network somewhere. Apple doesn’t seem to recognize those people and are forcing them more and more to participate in iCloud. The install for Mavericks, for example, hits you with giving Apple your ID right off the bat and has no selection to turn off iCloud. It’s all or nothing.

After that, is registration time. So I guess my computer isn’t registered anymore.

Applications is still missing from the Dock but hey, they give you a bunch of simpleton BS that you will delete within the first 15 minutes turning it on for the first time.

Oh well. At least they let us put devices at the top of Finder again and allow us to turn off tabs.

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 1:27pm PT
My Macbook Pro – Retina (2012) started shutting down any program when I try to open from from Desktop. This started at the install of Mavericks – 2 days ago

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 1:19pm PT
My mid-2007 iMac is running fine on Mavericks with one exception: I can’t email from iPhoto anymore. Other than that, it is better than the Mountain Lion ever was. I feel like I got my old machine back as Mountain Lion was really really slow.

Mac User:
Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 12:46pm PT
Have always trusted Apple’s OS and downloaded every new OS as soon as it became available. BIG mistake with Maverick. Have multiple monitors and now have problems with them as well as various applications. Have to restart several times each day due to Finder problems. What a piece of c***!

N King:
Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 11:54am PT
Firefox has gone insane since I downloaded Mavericks. The page keeps reloading whether it’s Youtube or Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Is there a fix for this? Imac. three months old.

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 2:36am PT
Lost one Macbook Pro as a result of Maverick – screen is a blank on start-up (Mac pro 2007) and the newer Mac is so slow, it’s crawling…

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 2:06am PT
I’m 2008 I got a new iMac with Leopard and marveled how great the multimedia experience was and how slick and fast it was compared to Windows. Since then I have noticed that Apple has progressively removed as many valuable features as it gained yet it’s suffering from the bloat ware type affliction of Windows. Mavericks is clunky and slow: the slick multimedia experience is no more. I couldn’t even use the much loved quick view on my movies! It seems like Apple only wants to introduce big brother updates – nothing that adds to the user experience! I still have my old Leopard machine and it’s a far better experience than my newly installed maverick MacBook Pro. Please Apple don’t turn into Microsoft!

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 1:08am PT
Awful – Safari and Mail are now near unusable and I have had switch to Firefox and Thunderbird.

Posted: 2013-11-03 @ 12:03am PT
Apple should be sued. Mac book pro 2012 basically died after upgrade to Maverick.

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 8:16pm PT
My MacBook Pro won’t even boot up in recovery. We should all file a class action and teach that stupid fruit company a lesson. But seriously, let’s file a class action lawsuit.

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 7:15pm PT
Apple doesn’t seem to care about laggards who refuse to buy new computers every few years.
My Macbook Pro is now unbearably slow.
How about a warning on install – “Your system is X years old… Your system only has 4GB of RAM…… Don’t try Mavericks…”
Am I now stuck with this until I pony of a few thousand dollars for a new Mac?
Spinning beach balls?
I bet they don’t even bother to test on “old” Macs.

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 5:46pm PT
Why did you release it, Apple? EVERYthing has slowed down by a factor of 10.

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 2:10pm PT
I have a 2007 Mac Book Pro and upgraded from 10.8 with no problems. The system is stable and the slowness at startup vanished after the second day (caches?).
The only big issue is the external monitor: after the update it stopped to be recognized and/or crashes the system.
If I plug the DVI-composite adapter I get one of these:
– The system does not detect the second monitor (sys prefs or sys profiler)
– The system detects the second monitor, but does not send any signal
– The system detects the second monitor, but nothing appears and the main monitor becomes gray.
– The system crashes.
I tried resetting the PRAM and SMC to no avail. What’s worse now also my Ubuntu and Windows XP (it’s a triple boot MBP) cannot work with external monitor (??? firmware was changed by 10.9 ???).
I will now reinstall 10.8 hoping to bring back my external video port. 🙁

Penny Ann:
Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 1:59pm PT
Please – Apple, release an update that REMOVES Maverick and brings my Mac back. I love Apple , usually, but this is a lemon. It has screwed up my iMovie library horribly and slowed the whole system down.
I think my only option is to re-install the OS and creep back up to where I was, to just before Maverick. If you haven’t installed Maverick – don’t!!!!!

Alan/Great Missenden:
Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 12:20pm PT
Absolutely horrendous.

My super slick iMac 27 has turned into a slug slithering thru cold molasseWho on earth signed this one off?

Not even a ’round Robin’ from Apple to at least say sorry.

Wally Richardson:
Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 9:56am PT
I cannnot access iPhoto with Maverick, without locking out my several thousand photos, which apparently will happen if I upgrade. What next!

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 9:31am PT
I’m running a newer Mac Mini which has become very slow to boot since updating to Mavericks. And to add insult to injury my computer crashes like its a PC… For the first time in 10 years, I’m thinking about switching back to PC.

Apple please get it together!

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 9:29am PT
Worst release ever! From a performance perspective, it set all my Macs back 10 years . Mail, web browsers, apps all take forever to launch. I spend too much time watching the beach ball spinning. I guess you get what you pay for.

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 3:13am PT
I am sadly joining the club. I HATE Mavericks it has messed all up! Few things are working and the most important ones are messed up! I wish I had never done this.

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 10:00pm PT
Installed on 5 Macs, including a 2007 MacBook Pro, 2013 MacBook Pro, 2011 iMac, 2013 iMac, and a 2013 MacBook Air. Only the 2013 iMac had a problem of losing DHCP, but I’m not sure if that was related to Mavericks or just a quick with that unit. Static IP settings bypassed that problem.

I can’t believe all of the negative posts here. I’ve upgraded every computer that I’ve owned over the past 12 years and never had any problems. Mavericks has been the same. Pure bliss.

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 5:46pm PT
My system apps will not open now, I can’t even open the apple store… every app, from Calendar, grab, my iMessages… all of them will not open now, what am I suppose to do now…..

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 4:48pm PT
This Mavericks messed up my macbook pro.. it is just garbage…

Nancy Murphy:
Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 3:24pm PT
I HATE Mavericks. My track pad is “jumpy” and I cant get (the new?) Pages (which just updated) to attach to an email and send. It just sits in my outbox (which I never even knew I had) before Mavericks…

Michael Heffernan:
Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 2:43pm PT
Problems include failure to open .jpg files, freezing of cursor, freezing when editing iPhoto, email messages failing to open., to name some. This is a very poorly prepared release of a new system. I have to abandon Mavericks. Hopefully it will be fit for use in a few months.

Dr Emmanuel:
Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 12:20pm PT
Unfortunately, I thought the Apple OS was a more stress-free alternative to Windows. Alas, seems Apple is fast catching up in that infamous category. I switched to an IMAC after several years of abuse from the Windows OS. Everything has gone well enough for me to be converted to Apple products. However, it seems Apple has inherited the Microsoft approach to releasing duff updates. Since upgrading to Maverick, my IMAC has become unstable. As I type this on an iPad, I have been waiting at least 45 minutes for startup to complete. My experience of Maverick has been total anguish and I never want to be an early adopter of OS anymore.

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 9:23am PT
I finally figured out why APPLE is giving this away for free. It’s a pile of garbage. Just listen to all the complaints, I’m glad I stayed on Snow Leopard. My next OS iteration will be a Linux distro.

Glenn Welker:
Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 9:17am PT
I just upgraded to “Mavericks” and have 3 major issues with it:

First and foremost I lost my IMac admin. ID and password.

After trying everything I could, I still can’t recover them, including using UNIX, as recommended on [numerous] sites:

No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t work.

I thought I had when I used “resetpassword”, but when I used it again it said: “Please use install disk which doesn’t exist now”.

Also, Safari 7.0 starts to come up, then quits. Only pace it worked was in “Recovery” mode.

Likewise when I want to print to a PDF file, “Preview” starts, then quits. It seems to run on it’s own!

There may be “200” new and better features, but I haven’t got to them yet!

I wanted to keep Mountain Lion, but wasn’t given that choice on one of my two external drives, because they both were treated like backup drives!!

Any advice is deeply appreciated.


Glenn Welker

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 8:46am PT
Since loading Mavericks, many problems
1) Contacts crashes every time and never launches on top, always buried
2) So slow on many things, lots of rotating spokes, with email address suggestions, finder loading etc
3) The new pages so retrograde, and inserts for Text Edit no longer work properly. And opening old Word documents which was good, is now awful. But I have managed to get the old one back
I do hope they sort it or I shall attempt restoring to 10.8

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 6:22am PT
I had no problem with the update but now have two issues.
1. Group emails addresses no longer show up in Mail. I am now stuck adding addresses individually for group emails.
2. Time machine is horrible. The icon does not show when backups are going and it is really slow.

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 3:40am PT
Since downloading Mavericks everything is slower than my old windows system, which is why I changed to Apple . I have a mac mini and ”upgraded ” from moutain lion which was ok.

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 1:26am PT
My Canon MP610 not supported in 10.9 so not installing for now.

I see Apple do not appear to have fixed Time Machine in 10.8 not being able to access email backed up in 10.6. Does this persist in 10.9?

Posted: 2013-11-01 @ 12:46am PT
Like others Mavericks is facing lots of issues
Safari – kernel panic and backtrace error
Mail,reminders,notes gives error message
cannot create events in calendar
icloud and internet account won load on System preferences
system hangs frequently.
Boot slow and needs force shutdown sometime
I don’t think apple will solve all these issues in one update.
So mavericks is not recommended upgrade

Fred Baxter:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 11:32pm PT
Upgraded from Lion on 2009 MBP. Many of the same issues. Final draw. Installed Linux Mint 15. Runs like a champ. Bye OS suckX.

Mandy Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 10:35pm PT
I guess you only get gripes but here’s another. I wish I’d not upgraded. Now Word freezes, Safari won’t integrate with my online learning provider, my system keeps wanting me to reconfigure my back up second external hard drive which would cause me to loose my back up. Then quite suddenly a few minutes ago my dock disappeared. It’s okay I found it on my laptop – I use multi-screens. What next?

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 6:15pm PT
Miserable with this “upgrade” have latest iMac only 6 months old now with Maverick freezing up several times a day – wish I could return to previous IOS but now have updated apps which may not work

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 5:39pm PT
* animation of time machine when running is off.
* gadgets window is gone, can’t get to it.
* ccleaner no longer works

* thunderbolt monitor works fine
* vmware works fine
* office works …

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 4:52pm PT
My GoogleMail accounts within Mail, are able to download but when I click on any one of them to open and read, Mail disappears and an error message appears and says an “Unexpected Error was encountered” and allows you to report to Apple.

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 4:31pm PT
can not shut down (mid 2012 MacBook Pro) from menu! message said I shut down due to a problem! the only apparent problem was deciding to shut down from menu as I had always done before. machine just cycles into restart and asks to send report to Apple.

Vernon Moyse:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 3:11pm PT
Mavericks has disabled my reliable and trusted online banking systems to several banks! I am not amused and will want to dump Mavericks if my banks can’t sort the problem.

Madeleine Twiggy Mergenth:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 2:11pm PT
Getting a lot of problems browsing files through Finder whether I’m in Lightroom or Photoshop. It will error out and throw me out of Finder so I can’t browse files to open files or anything of the sort. A REAL problem!

Paul – Denver:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 1:50pm PT
Yuk!! Third try to get it on my 27″ iMac, which was perfect perfect perfect in every way — it still won’t install, “Install failed” “Contact the software manufacturer for assistance” I have minimal back up, my mistake, I had trusted this iMac so much over the past year. Good thing I didn’t put it on my Macbook Air. DON’T DO IT!!!!!! I am still trying to figure out how to do it without erasing everything, but it looks like that is the only way….

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 1:15pm PT
All my advanced tabs in the System Prefs no longer open at all and no new users can be created or deleted. My Mt Lion back is working perfectly but migrating it to Maverick kills a LOT of stuff that is needed!!!!

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 10:16am PT
Misery truly loves company. I am having all of the problems listed in this thread. Oh Apple, where did you go wrong???

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 6:00am PT
I’m not happy with Mavericks! All of a sudden, everything takes forever to load, mail is messed up and iBooks hung when downloading my current book. I can read everything except for my new book! I want to revert to the old OS!

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 5:53am PT
i use my macbook pro for basicaly just school work. but then i downloaded maverick.. my laptop crashes at least 5 times an hour. before the update my laptop worked wonderfully. now i don’t know how i feel about apple anymore

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 5:24am PT
If you have not downloaded it… WAIT!!
It needs some serious updates for basic issues before it is ready for use without aggravation.

Diana – Wales:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 5:07am PT
Wish I had never upgraded. I do not like the new Tags, folders do not stand out enough as they did with colour labels. Quark Xpress does not work properly it crashes every time you try to move a text box. In a busy graphics environment this is making life very difficult. If you are in the design industry DO NOT UPGRADE.

Apple is not the company it used to be. I had problems upgrading Apple TV in the last few months and had to resort to buying a new one. Please test things thoroughly before releasing upgrades or at least give us the opportunity the revert to a system that works.

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 4:45am PT
wish i had kept my old 10.6 os,lost so much good stuff..maverick is well named ,,its a crock of cowboy crap

Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 4:15am PT
Awesome upgrade, except, how do you edit and save things on my hard drive???!!!!

Slacker – Sweden:
Posted: 2013-10-31 @ 2:06am PT
iMac 27″:
iTunes will not start
iPhoto hangs up
Safari locks windows randomly
Hangs during Shutdown
Freezes occasionally

Starting to regret this…

Mike – Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 10:45pm PT
Scrolling within Email now stops from time to time since Maverick upgrade and I need to reboot Mac to get working. Really not happy! Has Apple heard of certifying GOLD software after testing or are they too busy counting their $billions of cash ??

BC – Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 9:03pm PT
My Mac has been indexing for 3 days with no success. SLOW SLOW time machine back up – what’s going on guys!

Franz – Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 7:19pm PT
When my MacBook Pro “wakes”, it used to reconnect to my WiFi system instantaneously. After installing Mavericks, it can take a minute of searching before it connects.

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 7:11pm PT
After updating to Mavericks, I can’t shut down my Macbook (late 2008) without using the force shutdown (power) button. It says it is shutting down but you can wait all night & it doesn’t. Same problem for MacBook Pro (later 2007) that I upgraded.

Janet – Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 6:51pm PT
I have been a long time fan of Apple, having used Apple computers since they first arrived in Australia and have been an unpaid promoter of their products for decades.

Each change of equipment and operating system has frightened the life out of me, but after a few days I have become used to them and have marvelled at the innovations. Biggest problems I have encountered has been having to upgrade very expensive programs that became incompatible, despite them adequately filling my needs under the previous system and the “ease of use”, always an Apple plus, has become more complicated on each system upgrade.

However, I am really frustrated, angry and disappointed after downloading the latest upgrade. I have wasted almost 2 days downloading the 10.9 Maverick onto my latest iMac & Macbook Pro and the only good thing so far is that Calendar has now reverted back to a more usable program. I just tried to access my photos on iPhoto and it is telling me that it needs to change my photos to be compatible and could take several hours, that I don’t have! On top of that my latest edition of Corel 12 is no longer working and i use it daily. So glad I decided not to upgrade the expensive accounting package I use after the last system update. I am still using that program on an older Mac. A bit of a nuisance, but upgrade was $1000. If I had upgraded that program, there is every possibility that it may not have been working either.

No longer a happy Mac user.

Greg Maletic:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 5:40pm PT
Works beautifully for me on my both my work and home Macs. I know you don’t need to hear that, but it seems like some balance is in order.

Joe – Australia:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 4:28pm PT
The system is to slow installing and backing up to time machine. I also don’t like that there is no longer the little arrow wheel animation of it turning when Time machine was working, because before when things were slowing down and I wanted to work fast I could see it turn and I could switch it of and resume backup later at more convenient time. I am not commenting about email because I haven’t quite started using Maverick. Also dual screen I don’t know because at present I am not using dual screen. I find it hard to believe that if the products such as OS’s were tested under normal conditions that things like downloading speeds would become apparent. All I can say is we are lucky that recent OS’s are free.

Ahmed ElRidi:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 3:22pm PT
I suddenly had 6401 unread emails, I marked all emails read and still having the count as 6401 emails unread, when I get new emails, the count goes up but when I do read it still freezes at 6401

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 3:21pm PT
Have it installed on 2 iMacs, and Air and a mini. Crashes multiple times a day one every single one. Never had a single crash with 10.8. It’s a terrible upgrade!

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 2:19pm PT
I had problems with freezing and extremely slow operation on a 2009 iMac running only 2GB of ram. I installed 8GB and now it’s extremely fast and stable.

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 1:31pm PT
OH my word… 500th time my mac crashes! I’ve lost SOOOO many documents on word! Gosh… make something worth while please.. no wonder it was free. ONE BIG VIRUS

Annoyed Wales:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 11:20am PT
Crashes, mail doesn’t send on every occasion, screen jitters….loads more……..what a crock!

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 10:01am PT
Bad move, both for Apple and for us, the users. Very slow in installation and slow and problematic in operation (for instance, it takes ages to open practically any application; the mouse freezes constantly). Mavericks also makes deliberate configurations, which can cause compatibility issues with external drives. In my case, the WD Passport I have been use with my Mac Pro for two years without problems, cannot now be read. This is actually my working hard disk, so I am really frustrated. I had built confidence in Mac in comparison with MS, which I had been using since Microsoft existed, but I now have lost faith in the Mac guys.

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 4:44am PT
After installing Mavericks on my 2012 MacBook Pro, I have experienced system crash/restart every hour or so, sometimes a few times in a row…:-( I’m using external Apple display connected via Thunderbolt, running mostly Mail, Firefox and Photoshop CS6. It is very disappointing to have such unstable operating system. I do not recommend to install Mavericks until next release.

MR Ben.:
Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 3:17am PT
Well I suppose it was free, and yes as the saying goes, you get what ya pay for. With more not working than was, inc the internet, I had to reformat and go back to Mountain Lion. As you would imagine, it might be some time before I try to download 5.29 GB !! Now was this Apple or what’s its name OS? It all looks to me as if I was back in those days of Windows xp. Hope that Mac will let us all know when it actually is ready for work. Hay ho

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 2:47am PT
I installed Mavericks and immediately had problems with mail and some other programs. I used Time Machine to restore my computer to just before the Mavericks “upgrade”. Now everything works fine.

Posted: 2013-10-30 @ 12:43am PT
Mine tells me my disc needs repairing but when I try to repair it, it says cannot repair disc. My advice so far from tech support has been to wipe the hard drive and reload but I haven’t backed up for almost a year! My stupidity. Any ideas?

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 11:32pm PT
Nothing but problems after “upgrading” to Maverick.

My Mac Pro freezes intermittently, the 30″ Cinema Display flickers and flashes intermittently, and virtually every app is running slower and more erratically.

I’ve had to shut down the computer repeatedly, unplug, and wait at least 10 minutes or more before trying to boot up. Sometimes that works, other times I get bold horizontal black and white lines across the display, often punctuated with blocks of neon-colored hieroglyphics and then I have to unplug once more and wait. It’s ridiculous.

I’m a professional photographer and Maverick has been disastrous for my business.

Will Apple fix it? I sure as hell hope so, and quickly. Meanwhile it’s looking like a trip to the so-called “genius bar.” Right now I can’t even boot the machine and am using a back up laptop.


Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 8:28pm PT
When I attempted to upgrade to Maverick, not only did I get a “install failed” show up, I spoke with a specialist over the phone who couldn’t fix the problem. Took it to the Apple store only to find out that my hard drive is no longer working and they expect me to pay for a new hard drive. My MacBookPro is only 16 months old.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 7:38pm PT
After listening to the chatter I am simply not game to install Mavericks. Think I will wait awhile until things straighten out. And to think I abandoned Microsoft because of their appalling program design. Maybe Apple is sending their programmers across to Microsoft to get stuff-up training?

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:56pm PT
If Steve were alive today he’d say “This hasn’t been our finest hour.” Non stop problems with this update. My advice is wait for the update before upgrading. Apple will fix it but why wasn’t this fixed at Beta which is what this software feels like, a Beta version. Having updated I long for the good old days of 10.8 and IOS 6.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 5:53pm PT
Download was smooth and I love the new interface, especially Calendar.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 3:37pm PT
Mavericks is a Bad Move. Don’t do it. Too slow and can’t export movie from FCP X. I get an error msg.

Macboon Air User:
Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 3:03pm PT
I’ve had heaps of problems on my 2012 Macbook air – raw files take ages to preview, drives don’t eject for about a minute, Aperture is pretty much unusable, quick look is slow on anything but tiny files, scrolling throughout the interface is lagging. I’ve gained a new safari and calendar but lost my original computer’s speed. Awesome!

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 2:53pm PT
No problems but it is way slower opening files. Scroll is buggy and needs reset.

Time to get more memory.

David England:
Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 12:10pm PT
After uploading my font book, iCal, text edit and preview apps would not launch. Called Apple support. After the usual quick fixes that had no effect, I was told that third party software could be the problem. I erased and installed the previous version. I am waiting until the bugs are worked out before I try Mavericks again.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 11:20am PT
A bad move putting it on.

Itunes sync is a “mare”. It no longer works.

Thanks Apply-Mavricks is a chunk of sH1t.

Fredy Polaina, Polania Pa:
Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 10:09am PT
so far, I’ve installed the new version of OSX on all 4 mac pro computers.. Problems i’ve encountered as as follows:
1) screen freeze (photoshop, FCP, Avid, AE)
2) 2nd display flickering, timing with files. It gets confused and displays a different image other than those highlighted.
3) 2nd display has issues with multiple programs opened. So if you have FCP on left scree and Photoshop on the right, you cannot switch between programs. The computer will not recognize photoshop unless you hide FCP or close it… ARG!
4) much slower recognizing files…I get the loading circle and typically displays (error loading file)

I can go on.. and on… I’ve never had an issue upgrading OSX. Truly let down. Wish I would have stayed with the previous OSX. And yes, all my macs are new.

**Please wait to upgrade until issues are resolved.

D D:
Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 10:04am PT
I have an issue with my display. I use MacAir 2013, and when I press shut down on my keyboard, display just goes black. Also, after several minutes not using mac on battery, it goes black and you can do nothing except to turn it off by holding shut down button. Except that, I haven’t experienced anything else. It is very fast and visually prettier than the one before. Lots of good features, but is it worth it?

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 8:20am PT
Sorry I downloaded Mavericks. Problems with gmail sending duplicate emails and auto save feature in numbers no longer works

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:48am PT
Mavericks is a virus

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:39am PT
No mail, nightmare. Thanks Apple.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:23am PT
I upgraded from ML on a 2009 iMac and my second monitor refused to work at its native resolution. I managed to restore ML (thank goodness) but lost all Time Machine backups previous to last week. Won’t upgrade again until all the bugs are ironed out.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:12am PT
Mavericks is a bit of a disaster, QuarkXpress v9 doesn’t work at all and v10 is so slow to be unusable.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 6:04am PT
I despise this update. My whole computer now runs stupidly slowly, web browsers struggle to load any page, and majority of the time when it does, the whole page just comes up with the formatting script. Images in web browsers are all chopped up and discoloured. Do NOT install this.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 4:27am PT
I have lost access to System Preferences. I just get an iCloud screen covered by a scrim.

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 2:48am PT
This is the first time I felt completely betrayed by OS update. It took hours to download and when installed I lost an excellent Epson Perfection 4490 Photo driver making the scanner almost obsolete. It can be used with Image Capture in the most basic way but nowhere near the scanner capability. My Skype went partially bad. No video while connected to “a contact”. And probably much more, but it’s been only 48 hours since the upadte installed. I wish to know how to go back to my Snow Lepard. Should I try to install it from my original CD?

Posted: 2013-10-29 @ 1:43am PT
Printing to A5 from Mail gives half the page – the left half. Page does not scale to match paper size, no matter what I do. Printer: Brother DCP-7010 on latest iMac version.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 11:59pm PT
Horrible. I can’t quit mail, and therefore cannot turn off my computer. The quit button does nothing, and when I click on mail at the top of the screen, the quit mail button is faded, meaning I can’t click it and therefore can’t shut off my computer.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 10:40pm PT
My Gmail is broken when used through Mail. I am back to using the web interface. This is frustrating. Who did the testing on this simple part of the OS?

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 9:03pm PT
Mavericks may be working fine … the install was simple in my case. However, Mail has been suffering one problem after another. When I searched for an item today, I could not find it in the folder where it was supposed to be. It seemed other items were missing as well. I did a Mailbox Rebuild and everything in the folder disappeared, and Mail Search cannot find any of the old messages. Also, Sent and Draft folders came up empty after the reboot following the upgrade.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 8:59pm PT
Mail crashed and will not reload. Keeps on prompting to setup account and will not progress past setup. Start-up takes 10x longer, menu bar dissapears/reappears. Computer is running so slow as well. Frustrating that Apple would release an update with so many bugs.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 2:46pm PT
I am heartened to read (in a sick sort of way) that I am not the only one having problems. My Finder keeps quitting. The fan was running overtime just after the upgrade, too. The Mac HD and other desktop files, as well as the menu bar, do not appear until a long time after startup, and when they do, they can disappear quite suddenly. I hope there is an “update” (a fix) in the next few days.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 11:14am PT
I faced no problem at all while installing, apart from the fact that while installing, it took me about an hour in total (I am using a macbook air 2013).
one issue is that the preview seems to be a bit choppy…
otherwise, it works quite well for me…

Curtis Turner:
Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 9:17am PT
It’s bad. Don’t install it now.

Ron Wharton:
Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 9:09am PT
So far, runs great for me. I have a 2011 27″ imac and upgraded from the latest OS. And, I use multiple monitors and tons of software installed.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 8:28am PT
I have a 2009 Mac Book Pro and the installation wasn’t too bad. I just created a bootable USB, created a new time machine backup, and did a new install. The install recreated all of my account data and also migrated my apps back.

The main issue I have isn’t the installation, but the fact that a) the 2D dock was removed [i always hated the 3D version], and b) it seems to run pretty slow.

I also have an SSD so there really isn’t much reason for the OS to run slow…

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 8:03am PT
Mail doesn’t work (Apple Mail and Thunderbird), so I had to revert back to Mountain Lion.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 6:13am PT
The install was a breeze. I even created a USB boot disk for installation for my clients. It has been completely flawless for me. Of course I have a newer Mac mini with 16gb of ram and a SSD drive, so maybe my experience is non-typical.

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 5:37am PT
The activity monitor is becoming useless. The pressure chart was always green while I can hear the system is swapping on HD when loading multiple instances of my web server. In the past I was able to monitor how close I am to the border line, now that information was taken away and replaced with this ‘user friendly’ feature

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 5:23am PT
Installed flawlessly on my 2007 MacBook Pro.
Thanks Apple!

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 5:13am PT
I reversed back to Mountain Lion. I had a number of relitivly small issues but one of them I could NOT overcome. After loading maverick and getting on the internet with Safari or Chrome whenever I scrolled all the text became burry. For this reason I reversed back. I could never figure out what the cause of the problem was. Any ideas?

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 2:30am PT
Always wait a few months before updating to a new OS

Posted: 2013-10-28 @ 1:51am PT
had to create another administrator account to install, a mysterious thing … how do I remove this thing?

Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 9:52pm PT
Took me all weekend to update. After waiting 5 hours for the download it then corrupted my hard drive where Disk Utility couldn’t repair. I was able to get read only access to the drive after installing Mountain Lion to an external USB drive. I could then erase and install Mountain Lion onto my main drive. Then I had to download Mavericks again… and again…. and again. At 5 hours each time I finally got it installing and got it finished early this morning. Still haven’t restored all my data from backups for mail and iTunes etc… but definitely not a seamless upgrade. Make sure you have good backups just in case!

Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 4:03pm PT
I would like to uninstall it as now iPhoto will not work even after update. Mail print is now minuscule. How do I go back to Mountain lion?

Paul Smith:
Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 3:19pm PT
I am having issues with Apple Mail – nothing was wrong until I switched on today! Assumed it was due to Software Update; just spend 3 hours loading it and now Mail still doesn’t work.

Graham Yeoman.:
Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 1:37pm PT
Useless! Spent 4 hours today with online chat trying to resolve why Mail, Calendars, contacts, face time et al won’t load. No success, they say they will have to get more experienced techies to ring tomorrow.

Neil Anderson:
Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 12:36pm PT
Mavericks is working perfectly for me.

Harry Kaye:
Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 12:14pm PT
Well, downloading and installation was pretty much routine, although an hour’s wait at that. However, it’s pushing in all sorts of files, who knows what, and hoarding my RAM, and running at capacity, slow, no good.

Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 11:23am PT
Problems affecting a few users are not that much of a problem.

The bigger one is the media blowing up the problems and that one is more difficult for Apple to control.

Ken Martin:
Posted: 2013-10-27 @ 12:50am PT
Apple long ago perfected conning customers into using what are really Beta releases. I wish they would get their act together!

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