Gmail Statistics By Country, Age Group, Platform, Demographics and Device Usage

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Gmail Statistics By Country, Age Group, Platform, Demographics and Device Usage


Gmail Statistics: Gmail, the ubiquitous email service by Google, has become an essential tool for communication in today’s digital age. But how much do you know about how Gmail works and how people use it globally? This article includes a bundle of effective analyses on current trends of Gmail, such as market share, users, country-wise usage, etc., and all the statistics described below will be beneficial.

So, let’s buckle up and get ready to explore some fascinating statistics about this email giant.

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  • According to Gmail Statistics, in 2024, around 1.8 million users are observed in Gmail.
  • Globally, the market of Email Clients was owned by Gmail, holding a share of 28.78%.
  • As of 2024, approximately 121 billion emails are regularly sent by Gmail, which is almost 30% of the daily emails worldwide.
  • In the United States of America, Gmail accounts for a market share of 53% in 2023.
  • Daily, the total number of emails sent and received via Gmail was about 333.3 billion.
  • In recent times, 75% of users have accessed Gmail through smartphones.
  • Gmail Statistics further states that the usage rate of Gmail is higher in Indonesia and India because four out of five Gmail users prefer using Gmail.
  • As of 2023, an email user was having 2 to more Gmail accounts.
  • Meanwhile, the average Gmail open rate is 75%.
  • Gmail users share accounted by male and female in 2023 was 53% and 47%, respectively.

Let’s Understand About Gmail

  • Gmail is a free internet-based email service, and its parent company is Google.
  • Gmail was founded by Paul Buchheit on April 1, 2004, and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.
  • Gmail supports 105 languages in total and provides users with 15 GB of storage for messages.

General Gmail Statistics

  • In recent years, Gmail has had 1.8 billion active users, which means 22.2% of the global population uses Gmail.
  • In 2023, over 299,556 companies started using Gmail for email management.
  • In the United States of America, in 2024, almost 90% of startup companies and 60% of mid-size companies will use Gmail.
  • Gmail had a 28% share of the global market in 2023, and 60% of global businesses used Gmail.
  • It is estimated that by the end of 2025, approximately 376.4 billion emails will be sent by Gmail, which describes nearly 3.7 million emails each.
  • Thanks to machine learning, it allows shielding for Gmail accounts to protect from 10 million spam and harmful every minute.
  • Gmail blocks about 99.9% of dangerous links, spam, and malware from reaching users’ inboxes.
  • According to Gmail Statistics, on average, every Gmail account can typically hold over 17,000 messages.
  • The Gmail account’s average value in 2023 resulted in $3,500.
  • Moreover, in the main tab of Gmail, about 22% of emails are viewed.
  • More than 9 billion times Gmail has been downloaded by 2024.

Key Facts About Gmail

The Daily Grind: How often do we check Emails?

With so many emails flying around, it’s no surprise that people check their Gmail accounts frequently. On average, a Gmail user checks their inbox around 12 times a day. That translates to roughly once every hour while awake! This constant checking reveals how integrated email has become in our daily routines.

Mobile Mania: Where do we access Gmail?

The rise of smartphones has drastically transformed how we access emails. A whopping 70% of Gmail users primarily access their accounts through their mobile devices. This shift signifies a preference for on-the-go convenience, allowing users to stay connected and manage their inboxes from anywhere.

The Email Avalanche: How many Emails do we Send and Receive?

Over 306 billion emails are sent and received through Gmail every day—an astronomical number! The average Gmail user receives around 120 emails per day. While this might seem like a lot to handle, clever spam filters ensure only a fraction of those emails reach your inbox.

Storage Wars: How much space do emails take up?

With all this emailing back and forth, you might wonder how much storage it consumes. The good news is that Gmail offers a generous amount of free storage, typically starting at 15 gigabytes (G.B.). This allows users to store a significant amount of emails, attachments, and other data without worrying about running out of space.

Attachment Overload: What kind of files do we share?

While email is primarily for text communication, it also allows for sharing files. Documents (like PDFs and Word docs) are the most commonly attached file types, accounting for roughly 35% of all attachments. Images follow closely behind at 30%, with presentations and spreadsheets making up a smaller portion. This trend reflects the need to share various types of information and collaborate effectively through email.

The Unsubscribe Struggle: How much email clutter do we have?

Despite spam filters, unwanted emails can still clog up your inbox. A study revealed that a staggering 56% of all emails are either spam or promotional emails that people didn’t ask for. This “unsubscribe struggle” highlights the constant battle users face against unwanted clutter in their inboxes.

Gmail Market Share Statistics By Country

  • Gmail Statistics states that India, Brazil, and Spain have secured the top 3 positions, respectively, across the Gmail market, accounting for a share of 95.7%, 90.8%, and 90.38% in 2023.
  • Furthermore, Gmail market share secured by other countries were Italy (89.29%), Australia (88.91%), Canada (87.02%), Hong Kong (86.29%), United Kingdom (86.25%), France (83.33%), Germany (82.17%), United States (81.37%), Japan (72.48%), Russia (41.67%), China (5.09%).

Gmail User Share By Country


  • Analyses based on Gmail Statistics in 2024 showed that Indonesia had the highest share of Gmail users, with 82.6%, and India had 82.4%.
  • Chile and South Africa have the next biggest user share of Gmail, with 67.3% and 65.5%, respectively.
  • Brazil secured the fifth position with 52.9% Gmail user share.
  • However, other countries with popular user share include Spain (50.2%), Saudi Arabia (47%), Italy (46.8%), New Zealand (46.3%), Argentina (45.8%), Mexico (42.6%), and United States (41.9%).

Gmail User Demographics And Device Usage



  • Gmail Statistics also derived that in 2023, the share of Gmail users who were male and female was 53% and 47%, respectively.
  • In recent times, globally, Gmail is mostly accessed through smartphones by 75% of users.
  • Meanwhile, 20% and 5% of Gmail users used their accounts via P.C. and Webmail, respectively.
  • On the other hand, in the United States, device-wise, Gmail user shares were mobile (75%), webmail (41.2%), and desktop (16.4%).
  • In 2023, over 10 billion Gmail apps were downloaded on the Android operating system and 1 million Gmail apps on Apple iOS.
  • In the United States of America, in 2024, almost 90% of startup companies and 60% of mid-size companies will use Gmail.
  • The daily average time spent on Gmail by users is up to 28 minutes.
  • In the United States, almost 97% of Gmail users access their accounts through phones.
  • However, about 890 million individuals globally use mobile phones to operate their Gmail accounts.
  • Gmail users have claimed that, depending on incoming messages, the advertising section made up 68.4%, and updates made up 22.1%.

Gmail Statistics By Age Group



  • As of 2023, 61% of Gmail users are between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • 54% and 36% of Gmail shares were made by users 30 to 44 years old and 45 to 54 years old, respectively.
  • Users aged 55 to 64 years used Gmail, which captured a share of 36%.
  • Moreover, users 65 years above age group collectively made a 31% share.

Email Opens Share By Platform



  • In 2023, the average email open rate of Gmail is 75%.
  • In addition, Yahoo Mail captured 14.8% and Outlook with 2.4% open share globally.
  • Besides, other open email segments made up 7.8% of the share.



  • In the United States, Gmail service provider represents a share of 75.78%.
  • On the other hand, Yahoo and Outlook made up 18% and 14% of the user market share, respectively.

Email Market Share Statistics



  • A report published by Oberlo shows that as of March 2024, the top two most used email clients worldwide were Apple and Gmail, with market shares of 56.32% and 30.57%, respectively.
  • Meanwhile, other email clients market shares are Outlook (4.06%), Yahoo! Mail (2.45%), Google Android (1.71%), (0.63%), Thunderbird (0.22%), Samsung Mail (0.11%), (0.09%), and 0.08%.

Gmail Inbox Placement And Read Rates By Tab

  • Around 2/3rd of Gmail messages were about promotions, which counts a share of 68.4%
  • Besides, out of 5 messages, one was about account updates, which made a 22.1% share.
  • Almost 84.5% of messages in Gmail bypass spam to reach inboxes.
  • In 2023, updated messages that are marked as read hold a 28% share.
  • Other marked as read share of inbox message categories include social-tagged comments (22.4%), Forum-tagged comments (21.1%), and Gmail Primary tab (22%).

Gmail Password Statistics

  • A strong Gmail password must include specialized phrases, lengthy with complex words, special characters, etc.
  • Globally, 30% of I.T. professionals have experienced data breaches in 2023 due to weak Gmail password formation.
  • As per Gmail Statistics, in the United States, 13% of Gmail users use the same password for every account, 52% reuse the same passwords for other apps on their phones, and 35% create a strong password.
  • In the case of resting passwords, 44% of users rarely go through the process, but 34% change their passwords monthly.
  • 15% of users reset their Gmail passwords multiple times per week, and 6% of people do so daily.
  • Gmail users shared the most used passwords are 0.97% (123456), 0.23% (password), 0.23% (12456789), 0.16% (12345), and 0.12% (qwerty).
  • 27% of American people have used random passwords while creating a Gmail account.
  • Additionally, password generation was used by 25% of U.S. adults.

Website Traffic Statistics By Geography


  • As mentioned in Gmail Statistics, in March 2024, Russia had 13.03% of total traffic on, but it recorded an increase in total website visitors by 9.16%.
  • Other countries recorded the following contribution in total traffic and changed share as compared to last month: the United States = 12.5% (-2.84%), Mexico = 6.28% (-4.35%), Spain = 6.09% (-11.01%), and China = 5.42% (+69.65%)
  • The rest of the countries collectively made a 56.68% share in website traffic of

By Demographics



  • Based on Gmail Statistics, the demographic state that the highest number of developers or users observed is between the age group of 25 years to 34 years, resulting in 33.27%.
  • 99% of Gmail users are between 35 years and 44 years old.
  • 65% and 13.42% of users belong to the 45 to 54-year-old and 55 to 64-year-old age groups, respectively.
  • In addition, 10.03% of users aged from 18 years to 24 years on
  • 64% of the rest of the users contributed from the age group of 65 years and above.
  • Nearly 50.03% of female users and 49.97% of male Gmail users were available on in March 2024.

 By Traffic Sources



  • From the point of view of Gmail Statistics, the highest traffic rate towards was made by direct searches, holding a share of 63.77%.
  • The next most popular traffic source is organic search, with a 35.2% share, followed by referrals, which hold a 0.54% share.
  • Other traffic source shares included social (0.14%), mail (0.22%), paid search (0.13%), and display (0.01%).

By Social Media Referral Rate



  • On March 24, 2024, the highest social media traffic rate on was Instagram, which accounted for 28.73% of the share.
  • Facebook and YouTube made 21.83% and 12.49% of social traffic share, respectively.
  • Social media traffic sharers on are followed by WhatsApp (12.13%) and VKontake (6.86%).
  • Other social media traffic rates on togetherly made a 6.86% share.

By Device



  • A report analyzed by Semrush on revealed that the respective mobile and desktop traffic share was 95%% and 5%.
  • Gmail Statistics further states that the total user share in Gmail was 32.87% in the United States of America, resulting in 42.25 million, of which desktop and mobile users accounted for 3.77% and 96.23%, respectively.
  • Brazil has 14.5 million website users, with a traffic share of 11.28%. Desktop and mobile users accounted for 2.48% and 97.52% of the share, respectively.
  • Traffic shares of are followed by (10.78 million and 8.39%), the United Kingdom (4.11 million and 3.2%) and Poland (3.14 million and 2.44%), respectively.
  • On, the highest percentage of desktop and mobile users are from India (1.87% and 98.13%), the United Kingdom (6.47% and 93.53%), and Poland (3.88% and 96.12%).

List of Companies Using Gmail


  • Currently, around 61,808 companies are using Gmail.
  • In the U.S., the highest revenue-earning companies using Gmail are FPI Management, Frazer, LTD, The Tradesmen Group, LLC., Mc Work, The Tradesmen Group, FPI Management, Inc., and iHerb.

Countries with Companies Using Gmail


  • The above graph on Gmail Statistics clearly shows that in 2024, 9.3 K companies in the United States will be using Gmail.
  • The total number of companies using Gmail in different countries is 1.4K (Canada), 1.1K (United Kingdom), 1.1K (India), 753 (France), 382 (Brazil), 359 (Australia), 248 (Mexico), 236 (Spain), and 198 (Germany).

The Future of Work and Email

The future of work is increasingly flexible, with many employees opting for remote or hybrid work models. In this scenario, email plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and collaboration across dispersed teams. Advanced features like video conferencing integrated directly within Gmail are likely to gain traction, promoting seamless interaction even when physically apart.

The Rise of Alternative Communication Channels

Gmail remains a dominant force, and alternative communication channels are emerging. Messaging apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams offer features like instant messaging and file sharing, catering to the need for real-time communication within teams. However, email is likely to maintain its relevance for formal communication, document sharing, and long-term record keeping.


Gmail statistics paint a vivid picture of how people around the world connect and manage information through email. From the sheer volume of emails exchanged to the dominance of mobile access, these insights reveal the vital role Gmail plays in our digital lives. With continuous innovation on the horizon, Gmail is likely to keep evolving, offering even smarter and more efficient ways for us to communicate in the years to come.


How to create a Gmail account step by step?

Google can be easily logged on laptops, P.C.s, or mobile phones simply by using browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Next, go to the Google Account Sign In page > click Create account> enter your name > confirm your password > add a phone number for verification > verify. Thus, one can create a Gmail account for free.

What is the full form of Gmail?

Gmail stands for Google Mail.

What type of software is Gmail?

Gmail is a web-native app, as it always runs on a web browser.

What language is Gmail written in?

The entire Gmail web application is written in JavaScript.

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